‘Baki’ Season 3, Episode 22 Spoilers: Gaia Makes Surprising Appearance, Fights Sikorsky In Underground Arena

Keisuke Itagaki (AKITASHOTEN)1992Netflix

Baki Season 3, Episode 22, which is currently available on Netflix, featured the continuation of the battle between Jack Hanma and Sikorsky. Both huge fighters were inside the telephone booth, together with an innocent man. Having a smaller physique than Jack, Sikorsky thought that he has a huge advantage fighting in a limited space.

However, Jack proved that Sikorsky was wrong and knocked him out easily. When Jack got out of the telephone booth, Antonio Igari and three of his men were waiting outside. Baki Season 3, Episode 22 showed a flashback of the first encounter between Igari and Sikorsky where the famous wrestler ended being embarrassed by one of the most dangerous death row inmates in the world.

Despite being outnumbered, Sikorsky easily defeated Igari and his men. Before he left the gym, Sikorsky urinated on Igari and slit his throat. Jack and Igari decided to tie the telephone booth where Sikorsky was in. They brought him to the underground arena where Jack was set to fight him for the second time.

Before they started the match, Mitsunari Tokugawa first explained the rules of the underground arena to Sikorsky. However, Tokugawa told the death row inmate that he has the freedom to do anything he wants, including the use of a weapon during the fight. Tokugawa said that people watching already knew what type of fighter he is.

Sikorsky decided to fight using his bare hands and succeeded to land critical blows against Jack. However, Jack quickly recovered from the damage he took from Sikorsky and countered by sending the enemy flying to the wooden barriers. During those times, Sikorsky already realized that he can’t beat Jack without the help of his cheap tricks.

Sikorsky secretly pulled a nail from the wooden barriers and stole a cane from the audience. Unfortunately, Jack was prepared for everything that he was about to do. When Sikorsky stabbed him using the pointy end of the cane, it failed to penetrate Jack’s body. Sikorsky threw the nail at Jack’s face, but the giant monster just swallowed it and crumpled it like a paper.

Baki Season 3, Episode 22 showed the huge difference of the power between Jack and Sikorsky. Jack didn’t even need to finish the match to prove that he’s stronger. Instead of giving Sikorsky the taste of defeat, Jack let one of his comrades do the honor.

The latest episode of Baki Season 3 featured the surprising appearance of Gaia. Most people in the underground arena expressed a huge disappointment after seeing an unknown military man replacing Jack as Sikorsky’s opponent. However, Gaia immediately earned the crowd’s respect after demonstrating his power. The final scenes of Baki Season 3, Episode 22 showed Gaia overpowering Sikorsky using the “Mastery of Environment.”