Khabib Nurmagomedov Supports Banning Dagestan Nightlife Following MMA Fighter’s Involvement In Club Shooting

Isaac BrekkenGetty Images

Khabib Nurmagomedov has gotten on board with one solution to violence that may gain him the adoration of homebodies and family types, but won’t win over those who revel in nightlife. Just one day after an officer with the National Guard of Russia was shot dead at a club in his native Dagestan, the UFC lightweight titleholder took to social media to share his agreement with Russian actor Eldar Iraziev, who believes such establishments ought to be replaced with children’s centers.

Authorities are on the hunt for mixed martial artist Haskil Yakubov and one other suspect wanted in connection with the murder of Rosgvardiya Lieutenant Murad Ramazanov on Saturday night, November 17. Eurosport 1 reports that Lt. Ramazanov was gunned down while trying to break up a melee outside of club Best in the capital city of Makhachkala. Ramazanov was one of three individuals who was wounded after one of the assailants opened fire in his direction. The suspected gunman was also hit, as was a witness who would later give his account of the events to officials with the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Republic of Dagestan.

Unfortunately, a bullet to the head led to the lieutenant being the sole fatality recorded in the shooting. Yakubov and one of his accomplices are said to have fled the scene in a Lexus vehicle, but authorities believe that with former hand-to-hand combat world champion Shahban Machiev in custody, they have the trigger man.

Machaev is currently recuperating from his injuries at a local trauma center. As RT notes in its coverage of the incident, the 26-year-old Sambo fighter’s involvement in the murder hits especially close to home for Khabib, as he, too, was once trained by the UFC star’s father Abdulmanap. In fact, in 2012, Machaev was named the best student in his father’s gym. Coincidentally, he shared the honors that year with Haskil Yakubov’s brother Magomed, who authorities believe to be the third suspect in the shooting

Khabib is one of several voices in Dagestan’s prizefighting community to have spoken out in the aftermath of the tragedy. Crime Russia quotes Olympic wrestling champion Abdulrashid Sadulaev as saying, “In these places, tragedies occur too often. There is nothing here except harm.” He called on “social activists and the people of Dagestan” to step up and demand that action be taken to deal with establishments like Best.

Khabib’s plea was similar to Sadulaev’s. In spite of whatever relationship he may have had with Machaev or the Yakubov brothers, he’d go on to repost Iraziev’s vlog on the dangers of such “dirty businesses” with a caption that read, “I fully support Eldar Iraziev. A question to my fellow Dagestanis: what benefit do these night clubs bring to our society?”