Kylie Jenner Shares Adorable Video Of Baby Stormi Uttering New Words

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A video of Kylie Jenner teaching her 9-month-old daughter to speak is almost too cute for words. However, this writer is going to try her best. Stormi, who’s dad is Travis Scott, is trying her baby best to utter new words in the clip. Fans, in turn, are absolutely eating it up.

The video that the 21-year-old mom shared with her fans shows her coaching her little daughter to say two words. The words are kind of a head-scratcher, though, and the KUWTK star slowly pronounced the words “Kylie Cosmetics” to Stormi as the first words for her to repeat back.

But is the phrase important because she wants her child to grow up to be a marketing genius like many in the Kardashian clan, or is the makeup mogul planning on that precious baby babble being viewed by her many fans and translating to more visibility for her company?

Or, maybe those were just the first words to come to mind in an adorable session of mother and daughter spending some quality time together and sharing their world Kardashian style with her many fans.

It makes sense if you think about it.

Entrepreneurs regard their businesses as one of their creations, and they often fill them with a sense of pride — much like their kids do. So, there you have it — Kylie has a heart full of love for Stormi — and Kylie Cosmetics is most likely a great sense of pride for her. The video is a perfect first moment that includes the best of both worlds for the beaming mom.

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trying to teach her some new words ????????????????????????

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Regardless of the reason, Stormi didn’t manage to say Kylie Cosmetics; however, the post of her trying translated to millions of views of the video on Youtube and Instagram.

Also, Instagram has probably never witnessed so many smiley and heart emojis in its history as Stormi followers experienced their ultimate squee moment — a definite win for the cute baby.

Excited fans lit up the social media platform with a gazillion sweet comments about the baby girl’s first speaking attempts.

Judithawhitfieldfinley said, “I think she’s doing very well and has a great sense of humor. She is so cute and vocal! Love her!????❤️????.”

Ketomom_crushing50 commented that she couldn’t get enough of Stormi’s baby babble saying, “I’ve watched this at least 20 times… omg she’s so adorable! ❤️”

Stormi even has global appeal, and Indian fan mitaligabbi commented, “Wow…this is extremely cute…it just made my day…love u dear… Kyliejenner… Its so beautiful to have a daughter, its a blessing…I hope that she becomes an amazing woman in the future…❤❤❤❤❤love from INDIA…❤❤❤❤❤❤.”

Near the end of the video, baby Stormi says “dada.” According to Motherly, Kylie Jenner shouldn’t be worried that Stormi’s first words aren’t mama, and, instead, should be pleased. Why? Motherly says when babies say dada first, it means that mom and baby are “super bonded.”