On ‘Outlander,’ There Are More Than Two Time Travelers [Spoilers]

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Fans of Outlander are used to many twists and turns going through hundreds of years and two continents, but the newest twist indicates that there are other time travelers out there, and maybe more time travel to come. Claire and Jamie Fraser are now in the American colonies, but their first interaction with Native Americans strikes a strange note, creating even more questions for fans and the lead characters.

Town & Country shares that we have now met the latest time traveler, or at least met his ghost. While traveling the backwoods of the American Colonies, Claire finds a skull and sees the spirit of the man it belonged to: a Native American man with a scar on his skull from scalping.

When Claire washes the skull she finds in the woods, belonging to a man now known as Otter Tooth, she sees he has metal fillings, a dental procedure not invented until long after the American Revolution, leading her to believe that there is at least one more time traveler out there. This week’s episode ends with the realization that there is a larger world of travelers, but how many? There is also a hint that in the future, Brianna and her father, Jamie, might get the chance to meet, as they both are traveling the same ground in what will be North Carolina.

In Season 3 of Outlander, Claire saw the bones of another traveler, Geillis Duncan, and then witnessed the woman’s death. She and Claire had originally met back in Scotland, and then crossed paths in modern-day Boston. But Geillis had started using her ability to travel for evil, killing men for personal gain.

“It should be noted that Geillis uses much darker methods than Claire to travel, believing she needs human sacrifice to make the trip. She is also a distant ancestor of Roger Mackenzie.”

The credits for Season 4 of Outlander indicates that we will learn about another time traveler’s story this season, but the clues at this time are only found in the promotions.

“We haven’t met her just yet, but this season’s credits seem to suggest that season four will reveal yet another time traveler’s story. During the show’s theme song, we see what appears to be a female hand press against the stones.”

In the introduction, we see another woman who viewers have not yet met, and she is pressing her hands against the stones in Scotland, which allowed Claire to move through time.

The next episode of Outlander airs next Sunday on Starz.