NBA Rumors: Cavs Trading Kevin Love If They ‘Get Blown Away By An Offer,’ Per ‘’s Chris Fedor

Jason MillerGetty Images

When LeBron James left in the recent free agency, the Cleveland Cavaliers revealed that they have no intention to undergo a full-scale rebuild. With James and Kyrie Irving gone, the Cavaliers made Kevin Love the new face of the franchise by giving him a massive contract extension. Unfortunately, Love has failed to live up to expectations from a “main guy,” and to make things worse for the Cavaliers, the All-Star forward suffered an injury and was ruled out for six weeks.

As of now, the Cavaliers continue to struggle in the 2018-19 NBA season and projected to become one of the lottery teams. If they finally decide to take a different route, the Cavaliers are expected to make some of their veterans available on the market before the February NBA trade deadline. As of now, the Cavaliers haven’t shown any indication that they plan to move Kevin Love, but Chris Fedor of Cleveland Plain Dealer believes Cleveland will consider moving the All-Star forward if they “get blown away by an offer.”

“The Kevin Love question will keep popping up and I understand why. But here’s the thing: He’s still down the list of players the Cavs want to trade. This doesn’t mean Love is untouchable. If the Cavs get blown away by an offer then they would be foolish not to consider it. They also recognize the need to acquire assets while realizing Love would bring back the most value. But the Cavs never saw the Love signing as a one-year, push-for-a-playoff-spot deal and then go a different direction if it all crumbles quickly.”

Giving Kevin Love a massive contract extension didn’t only allow the Cavaliers to take full control of him for the next couple of years, but it also makes the All-Star forward Cleveland’s most valuable trade asset. Once he becomes officially available on the trade block, several NBA teams who are aiming to contend for the NBA championship title are expected to express a strong interest just to add him to their roster.

Despite struggling as the Cavaliers’ “main guy,” Love will still be a great addition to a team who is in dire need of a big man who has the ability to space the floor. Before suffering an injury, Love is averaging a double-double, 19.0 points, and 13.5 rebounds. In exchange for their lone superstar, the Cavaliers could demand a trade package including young players and future draft picks.

As of now, the Cavaliers are waiting for Kevin Love to recover, hoping that his return could help them improve their performance on both ends of the floor. However, rumors surrounding Love is expected to continue until the February NBA trade deadline.