Mariska Hargitay Shares Heartwarming Reunion With ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Family

Virginia SherwoodNBC

As anyone who watches Law & Order: Special Victims Unit knows all too well, the series doesn’t provide Mariska Hargitay – or any of her co-stars – with many opportunities to smile while they are filming an episode. So, the opportunity to see Hargitay wearing a huge smile on her face is enough to warm the heart of any SUV fan.

On Sunday, Mariska treated her 864,000 Twitter followers to an adorable reunion picture featuring herself and her Law & Order: SVU family. In addition to featuring herself, the picture featured Ryan Buggle, who plays her adopted son in the series, as well as Philip Winchester, who plays Assistant District Attorney Peter Stone. The trio were enjoying time together at a playground in New York.

Hargitay loaded the heartwarming picture with an array of hashtags she used to describe what the photo was about. The hashtags included “Crisp fall day in New York,” “A boy and his baseball coach,” “Proud mama,” “Stone on the mound,” “Buggle at bat,” and “SVU family.”

One of the first things Mariska’s Twitter followers and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fans couldn’t help but notice was the glowing smiles on all three of their faces. As mentioned previously, these weren’t actors and actresses that spent a lot of time smiling onset.

Mariska’s parade of heartwarming photos, however, didn’t stop there. A few hours ago, she took to Twitter again to tease her fans and followers with a picture of herself and former SVU star Raul Esparza. As fans of the series recall, Esparza played A.D.A. Rafael Barba from season 14 to 19.

Again, Hargitay used her typical parade of detailed hashtags to describe what the photo was about. Her hashtags of choice for the second reunion photo included: “Barba in the house,” “His face makes me happy,” “Always deeply adored,” “Star of screen and stage,” and “Sunday stage day.” Again, the photo featured Mariska with a huge smile plastered across her face as she stood with a member of her SUV family.

Collectively, the two SUV reunion photos have accumulated just shy of 10,000 likes. With the way Mariska was standing in the first photo, many fans of the series started to speculate if her character and Winchester’s character were on the brink of becoming an item.

“Wow what a beautiful picture. Is this picture telling us more than you are saying Mariska?” One Twitter user questioned.

“You guys would make a beautiful TV couple,” a second chimed in agreeing with the fan theory.

The next episode of SVU, “Alta Knockers,” airs on Thursday, November 29 on NBC.