Heather Tenney: Ohio Couple Lose Their Garage Because Her Cousin Couldn't 'Get With' Her [Video]

Heather Tenney and her husband Donald were awakened by their neighbors at around 3:45 on the morning of July 23. She described to a reporter from WKBN 27 News exactly what she saw.

"I opened the door and saw this blazing from the garage. I woke up my husband and we got out as fast as we could. I had him move the cars out of the way and go back inside and get the dogs."
At this point in the interview, everything seems to be going okay for Derrick Lewis, the reporter on the scene. He looks to probe Tenney for a little more information. He asks her how the fire started.
"It was cause of my cousin and I don't want to mention no names."
At this moment, Lewis takes the bait, and Tenney hits one out of the park. Lewis asks why Tenney's cousin would want to do something like this.
"He is mad because he can't get with me. I am married to my husband, and it's a long story. Keep it short."
That's exactly what Lewis did. Tenney went on to explain how her cousin had already put her husband in the hospital. However, Lewis was done asking questions from that point on.
Heather Tenney's husband was later interviewed about the fire. Dennis Tenney stayed away from any mention of his wife's comments, but he did lament over his garage.
"The first thing that popped into my mind is it's all gone, everything I have worked for, everything I had that was precious to me was in that garage."
According to a WYTV report, the fire that started in the Tenney's garage spread to a few neighboring buildings. No one was injured in the blaze. Warren Township Fire Investigators admitted to this being a suspicious fire. They also mentioned that there is a suspect they are looking for. Heather Tenney's cousin's name was not mentioned because he has yet to be charged.

The story has caught on with major new outlets across the country, including the New York Daily News. Most are focusing on the ease that Tenney had admitting to the reporter that the reason the fire started was because her cousin couldn't 'get' with her. The "get," most assume, has to do with a sexual relationship.

What do you think of this odd story? What is more interesting? Heather Tenney who has a cousin that wants to "get" with her, or is it her husband Dennis who had everything that was precious to him in that garage? It is not known if Heather was standing by Dennis at the time of his interview.

[Photo by WKBN]