California Wildfire Stopped Just Feet From Kim And Kanye's $60 Million Mansion

Krista Clark

Reports of the devastation caused by the most recent California wildfires have flooded the internet and media outlets in recent days. The extent of damage is jaw dropping and has prompted talk about how to minimize chances of another similar crisis in the future. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made news related to the fires recently because of steps their fortune allowed them to take to protect their property that's located in Hidden Hills, California. Judging by just released photos, it was money well spent.

Kim and Kanye own a $60 million home in Hidden Hills. Daily Mail reported that when they realized that home was in danger, the couple hired a team of private firefighters to protect their home. The team quickly got to work digging ditches and spraying down the property. Kim and Kanye were forced out on Friday, November 9 as flames neared their home.

Aerial photos now show that it remains unharmed by raging fires. They also show that the fire came within mere feet of their home as a line of charred earth is visible not far away. Their home is situated parallel to a field that would have allowed the fire to quickly spread to the homes of others in the area if not for the work of the private firefighters. Its location at the end of a cul-de-sac also means that Kim and Kanye protected the homes of nearby neighbors by protecting their own home. Nearby residents expressed their thanks for the celebrity couple's actions that saved their homes.

In her acceptance speech, Kim dedicated it "to all of the firefighters, police officers, and first responders who put their lives on the line to extinguish the fires." She went on to praise some good that she saw in the midst of disaster.

"As horrible as this has been, it's been amazing to see the spirit of everyone involved. So anything that we can do to help the many organizations -- no form of help is too small. We must continue to reach out and help each other in these trying times."