Oklahoma Man Spotted Running Naked Down A Road Has A Strange Story For Police

An Oklahoma man was spotted running naked down a country road in the early hours of the morning after a series of misadventures left him robbed of his clothing after leaving a local strip club with one of the dancers.

The Daily Mail reports that in a story which sounds implausible, the man claims he was kidnapped by two men after he left the strip club after midnight. The man said he initially went willingly with the two men who claimed to have a Jeep for sale in a local storage facility.

But the victim says that once at the storage facility, the two men tried to force him to use cocaine and demanded his money. When the man refused, the two men forced him to strip, took his clothing and his money, and dropped him off at an isolated location.

Police arrested William Trites and Phillip Tullis and charged them both with two counts of kidnapping and one count of robbery.

People called police when the man was spotted the running naked down their road. The calls to 911 were startling.

"There's a man running naked going west on Bethel Road."

"He was going: 'Help, help, there`s been an accident' and I wasn't about to go out there."

Sgt. Jeremy Lewis of the Norman Police explains that as crazy as the story sounds, the victim's tale of losing his clothes to two men was rather accurate.
"As crazy as it sounded at first, it actually did happen pretty closely to the way they said. There were a few crimes committed, but a lot of horrible decisions led up to him eventually being found naked in Norman."
KFOR reports that this wasn't a normal crime on the streets of Moore, Oklahoma. The victim and the dancer left the strip club and went to an all-night diner where they met the two alleged kidnappers in the parking lot outside of Mama Lou's.

The victim says he admired the Jeep the men were standing next to, and they offered to take him to a warehouse to show him an assortment of the SUVs.

Tullis and Trites allegedly told the two victims "they needed to pat them down for safety," and the victims allowed it.

According to Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, this was an unusual crime for the town and Tullis and Trites are being held at the local jail until the case can be heard.