Topless Protesters In Spain Storm Rally Commemorating Former Dictator’s Death Anniversary

Pablo Blazquez Dominguez Getty Images

Topless feminist protesters in Spain stormed a rally commemorating the 43rd anniversary of General Francisco Franco’s death.

A report by the Daily Mail stated that the military dictator’s supporters gathered in Madrid on Sunday to remember him on his death anniversary. Members of far-right group Falange were also present at the rally.

Per the report, supporters of the dictator hold the rally every year on the Sunday falling closest to November 20 — the date when Franco died in 1975. General Francisco Franco ruled Spain for 36 years after initiating a military uprising that led to the Spanish Civil War.

A large crowd of people was remembering their leader at Madrid’s Plaza de Oriente by waving Spanish flags which dated back to Franco’s authoritarian regime. Some participants in the rally were also seen performing fascist salutes, per the report.

The rally was, however, disrupted when three members of the feminist group Femen stormed the rally and ran into the crowd topless. All the three had “legal fascism, national shame” painted on their chests.

To keep trouble from erupting at the rally, Spanish police quickly intervened to keep the three protesters away from the crowd and prevent any untoward incident. According to the details provided in the Daily Mail report, several other protesters were held back by Spanish police on Sunday.

Featured image credit: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez Getty Images

Members of Femen — which is based in Paris — often make headlines for frequently carrying out topless protests against racism, sexism, homophobia and other political and social issues.

Femen members protest bare-chested and paint slogans on their chests. In the past, Femen members have protested in front of President Donald Trump and Pope Francis. They also demonstrated during comedian Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial, the report said.

Last week, a member of the activist group ran toward the motorcade that carried President Trump during his visit to Paris ahead of a ceremony to mark the Armistice that ended World War One.

The French police, however, apprehended the protester.

On Sunday, supporters of General Franco were the protesters’ target. General Franco’s fascist regime was supported by Mussolini in Italy and Nazi Germany. Franco was laid to rest in the Valley of the Fallen — a mausoleum he built in the outskirts of Madrid.

The Socialist-led government of Spain is currently planning to exhume Franco’s remains — a decision which hasn’t been well-received by some factions of the Spanish society.

Supporters of General Franco — and many of his descendants — have been infuriated by the decision and have expressed their opposition to the exhumation, the report said.