‘General Hosptial’ Fans Are Convinced That Willow Tait Is Nina’s Real Daughter

Willow Tait may just turn out to be more than just a school teacher.

General Hospital actress Michelle Stafford.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Willow Tait may just turn out to be more than just a school teacher.

It was revealed on General Hospital just recently that Sasha Gilmore is not really Nina’s long-lost daughter after all. She said it out loud to Valentin Cassadine that she is a fake and he is in on it as well. This begs the question as to what really happened to Nina’s daughter. Is she still out there somewhere? Many viewers are convinced that she is, and she is living right there in Port Charles.

Willow Tait is a new character that was introduced on General Hospital as Aiden and Charlotte’s teacher. She is involved in the current bullying story line concerning the two youngsters. She is also a potential love interest for either Michael or Chase, as they are both interested in her. However, there could be more to Willow’s story that will soon be revealed. As SheKnows Soaps has indicated, the young teacher met with Charlotte’s parents and it didn’t exactly go all that well.

The confrontation between Nina and Willow over Charlotte bullying someone seemed to give General Hospital fans the idea that Willow is possibly Nina’s daughter. Comments have been making their rounds on social media with one person saying, “Could it be more clear that Willow is Nina’s kid?!”

Nina still thinks that Sasha is her child, so she isn’t searching for her because she believes that she has found her. However, after the face-off in the classroom, Nina started doing an internet search on Willow Tait until she was interrupted. She apparently wants to find something on her that she can prove what a bad teacher she is.

Now that the two women are in conflict with each other, General Hospital viewers think that this is the perfect set up for Willow to be Nina’s real daughter. After all, it can’t as easy as it was between her and Sasha. Their relationship has moved way too fast and is developing too quickly, which was a good indication that something just wasn’t right about the whole thing.

It is also a rumor that Willow will end up to be the mother of Brad and Lucas’ real adopted baby that died. She has been going to a grief group which is where she met Michael. If she is Nina’s child, and also the mother of the real baby Wiley, that means Nina will have gained a daughter, but lost a grandchild.

Keep watching General Hospital to see who exactly Willow Tait will turn out to be and if she has any other skeletons in her closet.