Kelly Ripa Gushes Over Mark Consuelos’ Sexy ‘Riverdale’ Instagram Picture

Kelly Ripa joins fans in gushing over her husband's sexy 'Riverdale' photo.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos post for photographers
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Kelly Ripa joins fans in gushing over her husband's sexy 'Riverdale' photo.

As the Inquisitr posted earlier this week, Mark Consuelos posted a sexy Riverdale promotional picture on Instagram with his ripped guns on full display as he donned a tank top while checking his phone. Mark reassured his 1.3 million followers that “absolutely no baby oil” was used during the production of the episode he was promoting.

His fans and followers flooded the picture of the hunky Hiram Lodge of Riverdale with 260,000 likes and just over 1,500 comments.

“I envy the person who got to rub it on him,” one individual commented despite Mark’s reassurances about the lack of baby oil.

His fans and followers, however, weren’t the only ones swooning over this sexy snapshot.

According to the Instagram account Comments by Celebs, which follows celebrities on social media for interactions, his wife Kelly Ripa couldn’t help but join fans and swoon over the steamy picture of her husband.

“Are you kidding me right now? I turn my phone off for two hours and you break that out,” Ripa gushed in the comment section. Kelly chased her comment with a combination of fire, muscular arms, and sweat droplet emoticons to express just how she felt about the red-hot photo.

As People Magazine reminds us, Kelly and Mark have a “sweet love story” that dates back over two decades as they recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. So, fans of the duo who know the couple’s history didn’t find Kelly’s outburst to be too surprising. With 22 years and multiple children under their belt, the duo still appears to be very much in love per their interaction on social media.

What some may have found shocking was Ripa not being the only familiar name gushing over the sexy photo in the comment section. According to Comments by Celebs, actor Jonathan Tucker also added his commentary to the photo.

“RUBBING BABY OIL ON YOUR ARMS SHOULD BE A CHARITY AUCTION ITEM,” the actor exclaimed in all capital letters.

The 36-year-old actor is best known for his appearances in The Black Donnellys, Parenthood, Kingdom, Snowfall, and Westworld. Consuelos and Tucker worked together when Mark made a guest appearance on Kingdom.

As AOL reminds us, Mark still remembers the first time he sat down to watch Kingdom with his wife Kelly beside him in his man case. Knowing the show was about mixed martial arts, he assumed Ripa would bow out and he would get to watch the series by himself. To his surprise, Kelly was sold on the show when the first episode put Tucker’s bare bottom on full display.