Tamar Braxton Reportedly Quit Snoop Dogg’s Stage Play After Allegedly Ranting About Food

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images for Def Jam

Tamar Braxton is a major topic of conversation following her latest alleged meltdown backstage. The famed singer has been part of the cast for Snoop Dogg’s stage play Redemption of A Dogg. Tamar is part of a star-studded cast including Omar Gooding, Demetria McKinney, and Eric Benet. According to the Daily Mail, the Braxton Family Values star reportedly pitched a complete fit when she didn’t get the food she’d requested. It has been reported that Tamar was expecting her meal when she exited the stage but to her shock and dismay, no food had been delivered. This is what allegedly sent Tamar over the edge.

An insider who reportedly witnessed the incident recalled what happened. The insider also shared a scathing opinion of Tamar’s alleged actions describing her as “completely hysterical.” “This isn’t my first rodeo as it pertains to live theater, but I’ve never, ever seen anyone quit over something like this and disappoint their fans this way. She was completely hysterical and totally out of control,” a witness said.

To make matters worse, not only did Tamar throw a tantrum, she reportedly refused to return to the stage. Since Tamar Braxton reportedly did not have an understudy, the production team was left to scramble for a replacement to finish the show.

One of the dancers stepped up to the plate and quickly learned the singer’s lines. When the play resumed after the intermission, the audience quickly reacted after noticing someone else dressed in Tamar’s costume. “When the audience realized that someone else was in Tamar’s costume, you could hear the chatter from the seats of the Warner Theater all the way backstage,” the insider added.

“People were saying things like, ‘I knew it was Tamar holding up the show,’ and ‘she’s always starting trouble,’ without even knowing what had actually occurred.”

The latest news follows an Instagram post by Tamar where she actually admitted she was enjoying her time on tour performing with the cast. The singer/reality star expressed how she was anticipating the show’s stop near her hometown in Maryland. took to social media with a flyer from the stage play and she captioned it, “I’ve been having a BLAST on the road, but what I REALLY can’t wait for is to go back home and hit the stage in the good ole DMV Urea, yes I said Urea.”

Tamar Braxton has yet to release a statement about the backstage fiasco. Now, the production team is working to resolve the situation with a permanent replacement.