‘Riverdale’ Star Camila Mendes Blended Her Makeup With A Pancake

Matt Winkelmeyer Getty Images

This past Friday, Cole Sprouse shared an Instagram story where Camila Mendes was seen using a pancake to blend out her makeup while on the set for Riverdale, reports MSN. This takes the Beautyblender to the next level. The Beautyblender has gone through quite a few transformations since its boom in popularity for applying foundation, but certainly, Mendes’ newest attempt to utilize a pancake is seen by fans as funny and unusual.

YouTuber and beauty vlogger Ashley Blue DeFrancesco posted a video of herself using a tampon to apply her makeup, cites Teen Vogue. The trial did not go so well for DeFrancesco, who discovered during filming the video for her fans that tampons make poor beauty applicators. Being as they are 100 percent cotton, the tampon absorbs too much of the foundation. The textured surface does not serve well for blending and leaves behind tiny cotton particles.

In Camila’s example of pancake Beautyblender efforts, she is quite casual about it, running the folded pancake over her sharp cheekbones to smooth out her highlighter, then dabbed it over her forehead, chin, and nose. The pancake does not seem to give Mendes any issue or leave pieces of itself on her face.

This wouldn’t be Camila’s first quirky beauty hack. Earlier this month, Camila Mendes showed up at the People’s Choice Awards wearing her Eos Lip Balm as a blush. The gloss actually gave her a perfect dewy glow. Mendes frequently jokes about her use of beauty products. She revealed to fans that she has what she’s calling “mad scientist” eyebrows and also uses her bangs to hide her acne. She’s also stated that she goes for regular facials and is a huge Glossier fan.

Beauty vloggers are often up to antics with their makeup experimentation. Laila Tahri recently used a condom to apply her makeup, explaining her reasoning for doing so, cites Teen Vogue. Bella Fiori recently attempted to contour without blending. Cheetos have also made their way into viral beauty routines, as Bunny Meyer used them to curl up her hair. Meanwhile, Marna Haugen filmed herself applying 100 layers of nail polish to her nails all at once.

Camila Mendes’ innovative use of the pancake blends in quite well with the other beauty hacks. As the video nears its end, Cole pans the camera down to her plate, and it appears as though Cami reaches for a slice of bacon. Not sure whether she’s going to snack on it or use it as another beauty tool, but either way, the idea is sheer genius.