Joe Theismann Weighs In On Alex Smith’s Gruesome Leg Injury: ‘Just Like Mine 33 Years Ago’

Mike EhrmannGetty Images

Joe Theismann apparently had some unwelcome flashbacks while seeing Alex Smith’s gruesome leg injury on Sunday.

The Washington Redskins quarterback was trying to evade a sack in Sunday’s loss to the Houston Texans, but was unable to escape and tackled to the ground. As he went down, Smith’s leg got caught awkwardly underneath him and his ankle appeared to snap, leaving his lower leg dangling. Video of the injury quickly spread across the internet, showing what will more than likely be the final play of Smith’s season — and possibly his career.

As SB Nation reports, the injury took place on the 33rd anniversary of a similarly haunting injury to fellow Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann. Joe’s injury, which occurred when linebacker Lawrence Taylor sacked him, ended Theismann’s career and video became one of the most replayed injuries of all time.

Sunday’s injury to Alex Smith even prompted a response from Theismann, who took to Twitter to note the similarity between the two.

“Alex’s leg is exactly like mine 33 yrs ago,” Theismann wrote. “I feel so bad for him,” he added.

Many others made the same comparison, noting that Alex Smith’s very visibly broken leg looked just like the one Theismann suffered.

As SB Nation noted, the injury will almost assuredly mean the end of Alex Smith’s season and will force the Redskins to turn to journeyman Colt McCoy. As the report noted, their new starting quarterback won’t inspire much confidence.

“As for McCoy, he’d only thrown 11 regular season passes from 2015 until Week 11. He’s suddenly in line to start the final six games of the season, which would be the most action he’s seen since 2011. He’s pretty much the epitome of a replacement quarterback with a career passer rating of 78.9 — meaning Washington can win with him in the lineup, though the team’s 1-3 record with McCoy as a starter is still troubling.”

Alex Smith’s injury could also put a serious dent in Washington’s playoff hopes. Though the Redskins still lead the division at 6-4, the loss of their quarterback could make it even more difficult to hold off a Dallas Cowboys team that has now won two straight and is looking like a serious challenger.

The Washington Redskins did not yet give an official diagnosis on Alex Smith, and though it seemed clear that his leg was broken, the exact timetable for his recovery and return would likely not be out until he is evaluated later in the week.