Tumblr For iOS Vanishes From App Store, Inappropriate Content Believed To Have Led To Removal


Tumblr’s app for Apple’s iOS platform was reportedly pulled from the App Store over the weekend, prompting the microblogging site to launch an investigation to look into the issues that might have led to its removal.

Reports of problems with Tumblr for iOS were first published on Friday by PiunikaWeb, as the site’s founder, Piunika Sharma, wrote that several users complained about not being able to perform any searches with Safe Mode turned off. When some of these users tried uninstalling and reinstalling Tumblr in hopes of sorting out the issues, they reportedly were unable to find it on the App Store, prompting a series of complaints on social media.

According to 9to5Mac, Tumblr issued a statement on the matter on Friday afternoon, thanking users for their patience and promising updates when available. On Saturday, the company posted its first update, which stated that the investigation is still ongoing as its iOS app remains missing from the App Store.

“Thanks for checking back with us. We’re still working on the issue with the iOS app. We’ll let you know right here the minute everything’s fixed.”

9to5Mac noted that there is a workaround that allows those who had previously downloaded Tumblr for iOS to reinstall the app by going to the Purchases tab in the App Store. However, the publication stressed that this remedy does not address the issue for first-time users who are hoping to download Tumblr for their iOS device.

While neither Tumblr nor Apple has released any information on what might have resulted in Tumblr for iOS getting pulled from the App Store, the Verge wrote that some users have been speculating that the removal was due to an inappropriate content violation. Per 9to5Mac, Apple works closely with app developers “in most instances” to help them remove any offensive content or sanitize their products so they can be listed again on the App Store.

Assuming Apple did pull Tumblr for iOS because of inappropriate content, this would mark the latest example of the company cracking down on apps that allegedly spread adult-oriented or offensive material, the Verge noted. According to the publication, Apple removed Telegram earlier this year after it was found that the app was used to spread child pornography. As for Tumblr, the site has been known to be very “permissive” when it comes to NSFW media posts, and had temporarily been blocked in Indonesia earlier this year over such concerns.