Emily Ratajkowski Shares Bikini Pic That’s So Nice She Did The Same Pose Twice

Isaac BrekkenGetty Images

When Emily Ratajkowski posts a pic to her social media accounts, they’re usually sizzling. So what’s it mean when she posts two pics in the same post?

Posing outside a storefront in a black Inamorata swimwear bikini, Ratajkowski put two pictures into one, placing two Emily’s side-by-side with each other.

Positioning her body against the storefront window, Ratajkowski faces toward the camera. The swimwear bottom she’s wearing is the “barely-covered” style of string bikini her line of fashion is known for being, reports the Daily Mail.

The string wraps around her mid-section, just above her belly-button, three times, and is tied in a knot in two places to ensure it won’t come undone.

Her bikini top exposes plenty of cleavage as well, creating two triangular-shaped cups that cover her breasts.

The two photographs side-by-side to each other aren’t much different from one another, although many fans of the model will likely be playing more than a few minutes of “spot the differences” between the two pics.

The main noticeable changes between the left and right Ratajkowski are that on the left side, she’s not looking toward the camera. Instead, she’s looking off into the distance toward her left, with her left hand just beneath her chin and her right hand toward her side.

The right-side picture repositions her head and arms. Instead of looking into the distance, Ratajakowski is looking directly into the camera. Her arms are slightly crossed in front of her body, positioned over her midsection, with her left arm over her right.

The actress and fashion model isn’t unaccustomed to being seductive while in front of the lens. Earlier this weekend, Ratajkowski shared an image of herself in a tight dress. Although it covered much more of her body than her bikini pic on Sunday did, her provocative posing still managed to garner millions of likes from her adoring fans, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Ratajkowski also recently spoke about her political beliefs. Receiving GQ Australia’s International Woman of the Year award while on her trip “down under,” Ratajkowski spoke about the importance of being active in civic life.

“I think Woman of the Year is a pretty crazy title,” she said. “But what I think about what’s important in 2018 for both men and women, it’s about defying stereotypes. It’s about being multi-faceted… It’s about wearing a string bikini on the beach and at a protest.”