Instagram Model Danielle Knudson Takes A Champagne Shower In Wet White T-Shirt & Boyshorts

Canadian model Danielle Knudson offered up a sexy champagne shower to her admirers on popular social media platform Instagram recently, sharing a seductive snapshot with her substantial following. Knudson, who has attracted the unrequited attention of Justin Bieber in the past, per the Sun, has long made headlines for her slender and athletic physique as well as her stunning good looks.

The GUESS model can barely contain her excitement in this particular image, popping the cork on a tall bottle of champagne and enjoying the sudsy spray. It appears that Knudson has already gotten wet prior to having opened her bottle of bubbly, as her signature dirty blonde tresses are slick with water. Her entire body is covered in water, and her cropped white t-shirt has become quite transparent, clinging to her figure and accentuating her bust. The midriff baring t-shirt exposes a slim and flat stomach. On her lower torso, Knudson can be seen wearing a slight pair of black boyshorts, seemingly composed of a sateen material.

Knudson accesorized the wet and wild aesthetic with simple studded earrings in a silver finish, and showed off her manicured nails in an orange-red hue. An infectious and genuine smile spreads across the model's face as she has a little fun with the whole affair.

In the caption of the photo, Knudson gives a shout out to Men's Heath Magazine and credits her photographer, Ben Ritter, for his creative efforts. Deepti Sadhwani, a New York City based hair and makeup stylist, is also given her due for collaborating on the look. Knudson's fans and followers also seemed to appreciate the provocative snapshot, offering up nearly 10,000 likes and over 100 comments in response to the share.

Danielle Knudson has made headlines most recently for her high-profile breakup with tennis pro Milos Raonic, as Tennis World details. While Raonic was slow to move on from his years-long romance to the Canadian beauty, Knudson took less time to get re-acquainted with another man, quickly beginning a romance with Alexandre Pato, a Brazilian soccer player.

In a separate piece of reporting from the Sun, it was revealed that Knudson had received a casting call in advance of this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Sharing a few Instagram pictures of herself en route to the casting call in the Big Apple, Danielle was clearly excited to have the opportunity to audition for one of the world's premiere fashion experiences.

Though Knudson was unsuccessful in her application for the show this year, her past participation in the event is testament enough to the model's hard work and dedication.