Kylie Jenner Posts Sweetest Pics Of Stormi & Travis Scott Before His Performance At Astroworld Festival

Kylie Jenner during a photoshoot
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Kylie Jenner is so proud of her man, Travis Scott. The rapper just held his first Astroworld Festival on Saturday, November 17, and it was a success. She took to Instagram and shared the sweetest photos of daughter Stormi Webster and Scott, where he holds and treasures his infant daughter.

Kylie wrote a moving tribute to the father of her child and told the world that he works really hard to achieve his goals. In closing she said, “We’re so proud of you. We love you,” probably referring to her and Stormi’s love for Scott.

Jenner posted a set of four photos with Travis Scott holding his daughter Stormi closely. Scott is standing and playing with the baby. He kisses her chubby cheeks and she giggles in delight as they show affection for each other. It’s obvious that Scott and Stormi enjoy each other’s company a lot.

Scott wore a black jacket, black pants, and a peak cap in the photos, while Stormi sported a relaxed look in a tracksuit with sneakers. Her hair was caught up in a cute top knot with little curls escaping at random.

According to ABC 13, tens of thousands of people showed up to see the likes of Lil’ Wayne ad Post Malone perform at the inaugural Astroworld Festival. The event took place across the street from where the Astroworld Amusement Park used to be. Travis Scott closed out the sold-out festival with a powerhouse performance from a single off his new album “Astroworld.”

The KUWTK reality star also posted a video clip on her Instagram, showing Scott on stage at Astroworld the previous evening. Scott wasn’t shy about telling the world exactly how he felt about Jenner or Stormi.

“My beautiful wife, she came out. My beautiful daughter, she’s here. I love you all so much.”

In fact, he called Jenner his wife. This isn’t the first time that the celebrity couple have called each other their spouse. Their social media pages are littered with references to each other as “husband” and “wife,” which seems to indicate that this is no passing relationship.

Jenner has 119 million followers, and there are already 4.6 million likes on these photos. Kylie’s fans cannot get enough of the daddy-daughter love so clearly visible between Travis and Stormi in these snaps. One fan notes, “The way she holds on to his face,” while another says that “you guys have the cutest family.”