Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Flexes Dad Skills & Pokes Fun At Kevin Hart On Instagram

Jason KempinGetty Images

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stole the hearts of his 121 million Instagram followers all over again in his latest picture featuring himself and his 2-year-old daughter Jasmine.

As Pop Sugar reminds us, Johnson is the proud father of three girls including Simone, Jasmine, and Tiana. Dwayne often takes to Instagram to flex his dad skills while sharing a window into his family life.

In his latest Instagram photo, posted less than 12 hours ago, Johnson is assisting his daughter Jazzy during a horseback ride.

“My lil’ mama Jazzy’s a pretty good rider for 2yrs old. Commands ’em nicely, not too hard on the reigns, quite fearless with a nice touch. I’m proud,” the prideful father penned in the caption of the Instagram photo.

In typical “The Rock” form, Dwayne couldn’t help but take a moment to take a comical jab at his frequent co-star Kevin Hart.

“Ironically, this is the same pony I teach @kevinhart4real how to ride on every week as well. I’m proud of my son too,” the 45-year-old actor jokingly added to the caption of the photo.

Unsurprisingly, Johnson’s massive social media following was quick to gush over the adorable photo of him and his daughter. In less than 12 hours, the photo accumulated 2.3 million likes and over 11,400 comments.

Many couldn’t help but poke fun at the fact that Jazzy’s father was likely stronger than the horse she was riding. One individual said the horse looked more like a poodle than a pony while standing next to The Rock.

Others stuck to complementing Dwayne for being such a great father. A few even extended their appreciations for his decision to make sure his daughter was wearing a helmet during her ride.

About a month ago, Johnson shared a photo of himself cradling one of his daughters in his arms. Toward the end of the caption of the photo, Dwayne saw an opportunity to crack a joke about Hart being off crying somewhere because he wished it was him in Johnson’s arms instead.

Two weeks ago, Dwayne shared the same photo. The only difference was Kevin Hart’s head had been photoshopped to the body of Johnson’s daughter.

Recalling these photos on Instagram, many of his followers admitted they were hoping someone would photoshop the horseback riding photo to feature Hart in place of his daughter as well.

“That pony is too big for Kevin Hart,” one follower joked.

“Cmon!!! Hart is waaaaay to top heavy!!! He’s like a bobble head. No ponies for him!!! But good job pumping your sons ego up!!! You keep supporting him Rocky,” a second chimed in.

Overall, Dwayne’s fans seemed to appreciate his ability to find time for his children despite his busy career.