Samuel Little Confesses To 90 Unsolved Murders Over Four Decades

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A 78-year-old Texas inmate has confessed to the murder of 90 people over the course of four decades, according to Sky News. Samuel Little, who is already serving a life sentence for three murders in California, revealed to officers key details of the murders. If all of Little’s claims turn out to be true, he would rival Gary Ridgway (“The Green River Killer”) as the most prolific killer in American history.

Based on Little’s claims, investigators in Louisiana and Georgia have already been able to close four unsolved murder cases. Little provided officers with details on two murders in Houma, Louisiana that “only the murderer would have known,” allowing investigators to solve the 1982 murder of 59-year-old Dorothy Richard and the 1996 murder of 40-year-old Daisy McGuire. Both women were strangled.

In Georgia, investigators were able to close two unsolved murders of women who were strangled and dumped into back gardens in Macon. One of the murders occurred in 1977 and the other in 1982. The earlier victim was never identified, but the second involved a woman named Fredonia Smith. Investigators said that Little gave specific details about both murders that allowed them to confidently link him to them as the killer.

Of the 90 murders that Little has claimed, investigators have been able to corroborate about a third of them so far.

Little was booked into jail this week following his indictment in the 1994 murder of a Texas woman, according to the New York Post. Little recently provided details to Texas Ranger James Holland relating to the murder of Denise Christie Brothers in Odessa. He was brought to Texas in September, and investigators from all over the country have come to Texas to interview him regarding a bevy of unsolved murders across the nation. Little is being held without bond in the Ector County Jail on a murder charge relating to Brothers’ death.

Little was brought to Texas for questioning in the Brothers case from California, where Little was convicted and serving a life sentence for the murder of three women in 2011. During Little’s 2014 trial in Los Angeles, prosecutors said that Little was likely responsible for at least 40 murders across the nation.

Little, a former boxer, targeted troubled women and would use his boxing skills to deliver a knockout punch before strangling the women to death. He would dump the bodies then leave town, leading to his transient lifestyle.

“People for years have been trying to get a confession out of him and James Holland is the one who finally got him to give that information,” said Ector County District Attorney Bobby Bland.