Jennifer Garner's New Boyfriend, John Miller, Kept His Millions In Recently Finalized Divorce

Jennifer Garner's new flame John Miller survived his recent divorce with most of his fortune, Radar Online reports. According to paperwork filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Miller's ex-wife, flutist Caroline Campbell, will not receive any money out of the settlement except for the finances she earned or the property she already owned. Campbell will also not receive spousal support.

"John and Caroline waive any and all rights to spousal support. The Court's jurisdiction over the issue of spousal support is forever terminated with respect to either party," the document says, as published by Radar.

"No Court shall have jurisdiction to order spousal support to JOHN or to CAROLINE. The Court finds both Parties have income and assets sufficient to meet their reasonable needs and maintain the marital standard of living."
The court documents also stipulate that Miller will retain the rights to investments in his business interests worldwide and will also hold on to his intellectual property rights. His stock options and other financial assets will remain wholly in his possession as well.

Just like in Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's divorce, John Miller and Caroline Campbell will share custody of their children. Even though he won't pay spousal support, Miller will pay child support and will finance their education until they are 30-years-old via a trust. He'll also be responsible for paying for their healthcare.

It looks like there are quite a few additional similarities with John Miller's divorce and Jennifer Garner's. According to Radar, the divorce settlement indicates that the process between the ex-spouses was amicable plus Miller and Campbell were married for 13 years.

Garner and Affleck were married for the same amount of time and seem committed to peacefully co-parenting their three kids. They've regularly been seen out and about together since their split and were recently photographed getting ice cream together, InStyle reports.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, John Miller and Jennifer Garner recently went on their first public date. The couple journeyed to the Ahmanson Theatre in L.A. to see a play called Dear Evan Hansen. Miller and Garner did not arrive at the theatre together presumably to avoid too much attention from curious onlookers or potentially paparazzi. They were, however, seen together later in a car.

A source told Us Weekly that Miller and Garner have been together for almost a six months. They also claimed that the relationship is getting "pretty serious," and that Miller is the "happiest he's ever been."