Constance Nunes Goes Completely Naked On Instagram In Honor Of Her Birthday

Constance NunesInstagram

Constance Nunes is not afraid to show some skin. The star of the Netflix series Car Masters: Rust to Riches took to social media this week to celebrate her birthday in a bit of an unusual way. On Saturday, Nov. 17, Nunes took to her Instagram account to reveal that it is her birthday, and that she found it appropriate to celebrate by wearing nothing but her birthday suit.

The model is seen completely naked in the photo, as she uses her legs and arms to cover her most delicate areas. Constance wears nothing but a pair of light-colored heeled boots that lace up the front. She also dons rings on her fingers, including a black band on her middle finger, and a bracelet on her left wrist.

Nunes’s long, dark hair is parted to the side and styled in soft, full, waves down her back. She also sports a full face of natural-looking make up, which includes a bronzed glow with contouring, a nude lip color, and thick, dark eyelashes. The photo showcases Constance’s ample cleavage, flat tummy, and long, toned legs, as well as her gorgeous face and thick, full hair. “It’s my birthday today,” the model tells fans, adding that fans would “get” why the photo seemed appropriate to post.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Constance Nunes not only stars on Car Masters: Rust to Riches, but she is also a skilled engine mechanic, who specializes in American iron, and says that muscle cars are her passion. Nunes reportedly loves to post photos of her baby, a Mustang that she recently completed rebuilding, as well as photos of other cars she’s working on, and of course, the occasional sexy modeling snapshot of herself.

During a recent interview with Maxim Magazine, Constance revealed that she loves to eat tacos by the bunch, and that her idea of a perfect date would be grabbing some burgers and sipping beer while eating on the tailgate of a truck.

Nunes’s rock hard body and affection for cars has deemed her the perfect catch by many of her male admirers. However, it seems that she may have a specific type. The model admitted that to get her attention a guy should ride up in a muscle car, or on a dirt bike, while sporting “questionable tattoos” and a Metallica t-shirt. As for letting a guy know she’s into them, Nunes claims to be upfront, and will tell a guy she’s interested by asking them to talk over a drink and later make out.