The Left Will Start A Civil War, Republican Senator Mike Lee Claims

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Junior United States Senator Mike Lee — from Utah — claimed in a speech, delivered before some of the country’s most prominent judges and lawyers, that the left will start a civil war unless a handful of federal programs are eradicated, ThinkProgress reports.

The Utah senator’s speech “would have been more at home on Alex Jones’ radio show,” according to the publication, which reports that Lee argued that — in order to prevent widespread violence — the government needs to end programs for the interstate highway system, higher education, public education funding, workforce regulation, and housing policy.

Medicare, Social Security, and child labor laws are “unconstitutional,” according to the Republican senator, and the United States is currently facing a dilemma as it makes its choice between “federalism” and “violence.”

According to Lee, the federal government has too much power and is about to thrust the country into a “fundamentally un-American contest” to “determine which half of our nation will have the power, at least temporarily, to unilaterally impose its will and its values on the other half.” This could result in violence as the country erupts into a civil war, according to the senator.

The left is to blame for this, according to the Republican, since leftists “don’t seem too concerned” about the current system of government, and believe that “demographic and historic trends coupled with what many see as the inherent rightness of their leftist cause make their ultimate victory over red America inevitable.”

In the past, ThinkProgress notes, Mike Lee has made the case that numerous liberal initiatives and federal laws violate the Constitution. There are, however, exceptions to Lee’s long list of activities the federal government should not engage in. The most notable exception is his claim that federal officers should be allowed to enforce strict immigration laws.

Esquire notes that the alarmist sentiments and warnings of civil war expressed by Lee come as no surprise, given that the Republican senator was caught running an alleged Super PAC scam by the Federal Election Commission in 2011 when he tried to take advantage of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

This decision, according to Esquire, prevents states from enacting their own campaign finance regulations. In 2012, for instance, the United States Supreme Court abolished Montana’s ban on corporate political money, ruling that the controversial Citizens United decision applies to local and state elections, according to reporting from the Washington Post.–xps?t=533

In a column discussing this year’s midterm elections, Vox journalist Zack Beauchamp concluded that the American society is already in a “cold civil war,” writing that there appears to be no room for compromise in American politics, with one half of the population open to changes – demographic changes included – in the American society, and the other determined to maintain the current social hierarchy.