‘B&B’ Spoilers Weekly Video Preview : Find Out What Quinn Will Do To Pam’s ‘Crazy Head’

Bold and the Beautiful stills of Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) and Pam Douglas (Alley Mills)
Gilles Toucas and Art Streiber / CBS

‘B&B’ spoilers weekly video preview reveals that Quinn Fuller Forrester (Rena Sofer) is not done with Pam Douglas (Alley Mills), and she gives her a stern — but hilarious — warning. Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) Thanksgiving will be made when he gets his son back, and Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) informs Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) that they need to follow the example set by the kids. It seems as if Thanksgiving week will be filled with laughter, goodwill, and just a hint of drama on this CBS soap opera.

Bill Spencer’s Wish Comes True On B&B

Last week, B&B fans saw that Bill took mercy on both Ridge and Judge McMullen (Joe Lando) and did not press charges against them, as per Inquisitr. He said that he had changed for the better, and made good on his word by not calling the cops on them. Bill only made one request of Katie Logan Forrester, and that was to give him his son back.

“Your parental rights have been restored.”

The B&B preview clip shows that Katie has done just that. Judge McMullen promised to facilitate the process, and the video shows Will rushing into his dad’s arms for a big hug. It seems as if Bill got his Thanksgiving wish after all.

Quinn Fuller Warns Pam Douglas About Her “Crazy Head”

Quinn’s had enough of Pam and her histrionics. Pam has really done her best to get under Quinn’s skin, and surprisingly, Quinn has not physically attacked her yet. Pam talked Eric Forrester (John McCook) into giving Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) a job at Forester Creations and has been really disrespectful towards Quinn. But it seems as if Quinn has reached her breaking point.

“If you keep trying to turn the man I love against me, I will crack your crazy head open like an egg.”

Quinn spells out what she would like to do to Pam’s head, and it seems as if Pam might be a little startled. Bold and the Beautiful weekly spoilers — per the Inquisitr— also reveal that Quinn will also need to deal with Donna, who is more than a little interested in Eric.

A Thanksgiving Celebration on Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy and Hope will arrange the seating plan. The two have seated Quinn and Pam together, and it seems as if Pam may need to say something nice about Quinn. Xander (Adain Bradley) and Zoe (Kiara Barnes) are also shown in the preview clip, as they have also been invited to the Thanksgiving dinner.

“Everyone, it’s turkey time!”

Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) and Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) are feeling particularly loving at this time of the year, and kiss passionately. Ridge, who spies the happy couple, leans into Brooke saying, “They got the right idea. Happy Thanksgiving!”