‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Sets Her Plan For Revenge In Motion, Enlists Franco’s Help

Ryan will be thrilled when he learns Ava has stepped into her dark side.

General Hospital star Maura West
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Ryan will be thrilled when he learns Ava has stepped into her dark side.

Ava Jerome has a plan this upcoming week on General Hospital and it’s already set in motion. She is planning on setting Griffin and Sasha up and using Franco’s help to do it. He has no idea that this is all part of the plan for Kiki to find her boyfriend and her fake sister in a compromising position.

General Hospital spoilers coming from SheKnows Soaps indicates that the week of Thanksgiving will not be a happy time for Kiki or for Griffin. Ava has already begun her revenge on Friday’s cliffhanger, and she has Ryan Chamberlain to thank for giving her the ammunition she needed. He not only handed her a few sleeping drugs, but he also gave his new obsession a pep talk about revenge and her dark side.

Ryan knows exactly how to get into Ava’s head. He knows because he has the same dark tendencies, but he acts on them in the worst way possible. He has been encouraging her to do the same. She saw her opportunity when Sasha was kicked out of Kiki’s apartment and is staying at the MetroCourt. Her soup was sitting there unattended as Ava walked up and put the sleeping powder in it before it was delivered to her room.

Now all she needs is Griffin to show up, and the General Hospital previews for Monday reveal that he is peeking his head into Sasha’s hotel room. He may just be there on his own to smooth things over between them or Ava has somehow lured him there. Either way, her plan is moving forward.

General Hospital spoilers say that Griffin will also be drugged and then will be put right next to Sasha for Kiki to find them. All is needed is for Kiki to find out that they are together. That’s where Franco fits in. Ava will use him to go tell Kiki about the twosome. Of course, Franco won’t know that this is all part of Ava’s plan. He will think that Griffin is really cheating on Kiki with her sister.

It looks like Ryan’s plan for Ava to visit her dark side is working. This will certainly gain points with him as his obsession with Ava Jerome will grow stronger than ever. He is bound to make a mistake sooner or later. But it could be too late for Ava, Kiki, and Griffin before he is outed as the serial killer that he is.

Keep watching General Hospital to find out if anyone else will get sucked into Ryan’s revenge on Port Charles.