Doctor Amy Dunbar, OB-GYN In Trouble For Facebook Posting

St. Louis, MISSOURI – OB-GYN Doctor Amy Dunbar is now in trouble for posting patient information on Facebook.

Many are saying Doctor Amy Dunbar should be fired for violating doctor/patient confidentiality. This isn’t the first time she has posted about this patient, as she also posted that the woman had suffered a stillbirth in the past.

According to MSN Now, Doctor Amy Dunbar has sparked a fierce battle by posting about a tardy patient online:

“I have a patient who has chosen to either no-show or be late (sometimes hours) for all of her prenatal visits, ultrasounds and NSTs. She is now three hours late for her induction. May I show up late for her delivery?”

Others say Doctor Amy Dunbar never named the patient and that everyone objecting should get a life. She was just whining about work like everyone else on Facebook.

According to the Huffington Post, Heather Tiedemann was shocked by Doctor Amy Dunbar’s behavior and replied by posting a comment on the Facebook page:

“She should not be allowed to work with patients if she callously talks about them on her own [Facebook] page… As a woman who has had a full term still birth if I found out my doctor was posting that information on her page and other doctors were joking about it I would go straight to the top of hospital leadership to ensure this doctor was fired.”

Doctor Amy Dunbar remains on staff, despite opinions agreeing she should be fired. The hospital posted the following on Facebook:

“Our physician leadership has already called Dr. Dunbar. Her comments were definitely inappropriate. We are also reviewing them to determine if they violated privacy issues, etc. That process requires a more thorough review, but we will determine the appropriate response as quickly as possible. In the meantime, know that our physician organization holds its members to the highest standards and strives to improve our service and clinical care through that process.”

So does this mean the hospital is sweeping the whole ordeal with the OB-GYN under the rug to save time? Should Doctor Amy Dunbar be allowed to keep working after posting patient information on Facebook?

She’s only human. RT: OB-GYN in hot water for posting private information about a patient on @huffingtonpost

— Michelle Sas (@michalpnina) February 9, 2013