John Hennigan Of ‘Survivor 37’ Reacts To Blindside & Immunity Idols [SPOILERS]

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Warning: The article contains spoilers regarding this week’s episode.

John Hennigan, also known as Morrison, and everyone who watched this week’s episode of Survivor: David vs Goliath expected one of two things to happen. They expected Christian to go home or Davie to use his idol and Angelina to go home. What no one was ready for is for Dan to also use his idol to protect Angelina and then the David tribe to be prepared for that to happen.

After a real jaw-dropping and heart-racing tribal council, Entertainment Weekly caught up with John and asked him to take them through his reaction to the ultimate blindside. “It didn’t dawn on me that I was going to be the one out until Jeff read the first vote for me, and suddenly it all hit me all at once,” the professional wrestler admitted.

John, however, was a great sport despite being evicted from the tribe. During the interview, he agreed it was just part of the game as “almost everyone gets got.” The second juror also admitted that one of his biggest downfalls and the mistake that may have cost him the game was his decision to remain strong and loyal to the Goliath tribe after the merge.

Jeff Probst had informed Entertainment Weekly John came very close to not having a slot in David vs. Goliath. According to John, he was wrapping up Season 4 of Lucha Underground at the time.

“The producers of Lucha Underground had to bend over backwards to get me wrapped out of the season to leave for Survivor. So it was unusual for people to cut it that close. And second of all, I just really wanted to do it so was happy they were able to make it work,” the wrestler explained.

Hennigan revealed if he could have gone back and played the game differently, he would have loved to work with Gabby and Christian from the David tribe. John admitted the Tiva tribe did not get as much air time as the other two tribes because they were never put in the position of having to vote someone out. So, the viewers at home didn’t really get to see the full extent of the bond he developed with Christian and Gabby.

“You didn’t see that all of us were really tight and I really had a good time hanging and talking with Christian and Gabby. In retrospect, I wish I had talked game with them more. But it was really nice just talking life stuff with those guys,” John continued to explain.

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John joined Elizabeth Olson this week as the second member of the jury that will vote to crown the winter of Survivor 37 on finale night.

Episodes of Survivor 37 air on Thursday nights only on CBS.