‘B&B’ Recap For Friday, November 16: Bill Wants Brooke Back & Ridge Knows It!

Cliff Lipson and Gilles ToucasCBS

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Friday, November 16 features Katie (Heather Tom) who told Wyatt (Darin Brooks) and Liam (Scott Clifton) that she and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) would once again share custody of Will (Finnegan George). She let it slip that Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) had tampered with Judge Craig McMullen (Joe Lando) and that Bill had just learned the truth, per She Knows Soaps. She then relayed how Bill had caught McMullen and Ridge.

Liam and Wyatt were shocked when she relayed that instead of handing them over to the cops, Bill elected to show mercy towards the wrongdoers. Katie said that Bill proclaimed that he was a changed man, and as such they would be sharing custody of Will again. Wyatt felt that his dad should never have lost custodial rights, but Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) felt that that was debatable. Katie intervened just as the two men were about to start arguing.

Back at Spencer Publications, Bill sweet talked Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). He said that he wanted the best for Brooke, and that he never wanted to hurt her again. He said he wished that he had changed earlier because they would still be married. Brooke said that she didn’t want him to change for her sake, and that he made those changes to better himself. Bill went on to lament the fact that he let her go and that he wanted to show her that he can be the man that she deserves. He said that he knew that she was married, but he didn’t want to deny his own feelings towards the blonde.

“And the best man that I can be is the man that you’ve been searching for your entire life. He’s standing right before you. For the first time, I’m worthy of you. Now listen, if you want to stick it out with Forrester, then — I’m not going to go there.”

At Forrester Creations, Ridge walked in on the conversation between Katie, Thorne, Wyatt, and Liam. Thorne defended his brother’s actions by saying that he still didn’t believe that Bill would be a good influence in Will’s life. Wyatt figured out that they were all complicit by keeping Ridge’s secret but didn’t understand why Bill didn’t put the dressmaker in prison. Katie reiterated that Bill said that he was a changed man.

Ridge lost it and declared that Bill didn’t press charges because he wanted Brooke back. Although Liam pointed out that it would be easier to win her back with Ridge in jail, Ridge remained adamant that Bill was the man that he used to be. He turned to Liam and reminded his former son-in-law that, “The only thing that’s changed is that he isn’t targeting your wife, he’s coming after mine!”

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