Criterion Will Launch Their Own Streaming Service After Collapse Of Filmstruck

Rulenumberone2Flickr(CC BY-SA 2.0 )

Investing in hard copies of the Criterion Collection can be a costly endeavor. Oftentimes, retail prices for Criterion DVD releases top $29.99 while Blu-Ray copies of the same titles go for ten dollars more. While not everyone can afford to invest in such an expensive hobby, the people at Criterion have found a way around buying every title for film aficionados who want to enjoy many of the lauded titles the collection has to offer.

Previously, Filmstruck was the standalone streaming platform that offered viewers unlimited viewings of Criterion Collection titles at their subscribers’ fingertips. However, since the recent closes of Filmstruck, many film buffs have been left to wonder if the Criterion Collection May show up on a different streaming platform, like Netflix or Hulu.

Today, those questions appear to have been answered, according to a report from Indiewire. It appears Criterion will be launching their own streaming platform in the Spring of 2019. Representatives from Criterion released a statement promising fans that Criterion titles will indeed be resurrected in a streaming format in the near future.

Today’s announcement ensures that fans will have access to these films from the Criterion Collection as well as films from WarnerMedia’s deep and extensive library in what will be a rich and curated experience, which will further expand the audience footprint for these classic and acclaimed movies. The Criterion Channel will be picking up where FilmStruck left off, with thematic programming, regular filmmaker spotlights, and actor retrospectives, featuring major classics and hard-to-find discoveries from Hollywood and around the world, complete with special features like commentaries, behind-the-scenes footage and original documentaries.”

Originally, Criterion Collection titles could be found on Hulu, before they moved to Filmstruck, prompting many fans to speculate that it may revert back to being a Hulu feature. Today’s news effectively squashes that rumor.

Criterion is known for releasing critically praised and arthouse films, both American and foreign. Their releases are considered comprehensive and definitive by many. Many releases are overseen by the filmmakers themselves and stamped with a seal of approval from directors, producers, and/or writers involved with the movie in question.

On November 20, 2018, Criterion will release one of their biggest entries to the collection to date, a comprehensive box set of Ingmar Bergman films. It will feature nearly 40 films from the acclaimed late filmmaker, plus a 248-page book. The Ingmar Bergman collection carries a suggested retail price of $299.95 but can be pre-ordered on the official Criterion website right now for $239.96.