‘Survivor 37’ Castaway John Hennigan Felt ‘Guilty’ About Voting For Christian [SPOILERS]

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In his Ponderosa interview video – which can be viewed at the top of this article – Survivor: David vs. Goliath castaway John Hennigan admitted that the decision to vote to evict Christian from the tribe after forming such a strong bond with him left him feeling incredibly guilty.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

Guilt wasn’t the only emotion Hennigan was left feeling after this week’s tribal council. He also endured shock and a degree of irony as he never imagined he’d be the one going home. The plan was to blindside Christian, who all the Goliaths viewed as a huge threat. The episode and conversations had also led viewers to believe if Christian had an immunity idol played for him, Dan wasn’t going to use the idol to save Angelina. So, she would go home.

Despite what appeared to be a great deal of hesitation, Dan ultimately decided to protect Angelina with his immunity idol after Davie used his to protect Christian. Unfortunately for John, there were two votes cast for him as a back-up plan to send him home instead.

During his exit interview, John also admitted he couldn’t help but appreciate the irony of his eviction considering he predicted a “#BrochachoBlindside.” He just never imagined it would be him that got blindsided.

The very first thing to happen during the Ponderosa interview is the initial medical check-up. The doctor reminded John he weighed 203 pounds at the start of the game. The doctor reveals John lost 11 pounds in the 22 days he had been playing the game. So, roughly a pound every other day.

Davie uses idol to save Christian
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Hennigan admitted there was an upside to being a member of the jury – he would get to eat food and sleep in an actual bed.

After being greeted by Elizabeth – the first jury member at Ponderosa – John got to get his first look at himself in the mirror in 22 days. “Disturbing gross,” was his initial reaction to his appearance. He, however, admitted it was cool that he looked so dirty because he “earned that dirt.”

Elizabeth poked fun at the fact that John initially ordered a pizza and a side of rice because rice is one item you eat a great deal of while on the island. The second juror eventually realized his mistake and pushed the rice aside and decided to order a second pizza after spending the last 22 days eating rice.

As Elizabeth and John discussed the game while eating, they both admitted the tribal council was truly shocking. Neither could believe multiple immunity idols had been played.

Jeff Probst extinguishes John Hennigan's torch
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After spending 22 days on the island, becoming a juror showed Hennigan just how many things he had taken for granted, like being able to shut the door to the world and take a few minutes to be alone.