David Arquette Slices Open His Neck In Extreme GCW Wrestling Match, Terrifying Moment Caught On Video

Michael BucknerGetty Images for Crackle

David Arquette is definitely not acting when it comes to the wrestling ring, and terrifying video from a match on Friday night proves it.

The actor and amateur wrestler was the headliner in a GCW match on Friday against longtime wrestler Nick Gage. As video of the match showed, it was a fairly rough outing for Arquette as he ended up covered in blood after being smashed with a light bulb tube and getting a deep gash on his neck. Video of Arquette’s bloody match quickly spread across the internet (video can be seen here, but be warned that it’s not for the squeamish).

Amazingly, Arquette was able to continue the match and won, but quickly exited the ring while holding his neck to stop the bleeding.

Video of Arquette’s bloody wrestling match quickly found its way out of the small show and onto the internet. In the early morning hours on Saturday, Arquette’s name was even the top trending term on Twitter.

Though Arquette had some experience in the ring, he said on a recent Pro Wrestling Sheet podcast that he had never gotten into the hardcore version of the sport where serious and bloody injuries are common. Arquette said he explored this a bit while working on a documentary and visiting backyard wrestling leagues in Virginia.

“I had a little taste of a hard version,” he said.

A longtime wrestling fan, David Arquette learned the trade while filming his 2000 movie, Ready to Rumble, which is about two diehard wrestling fans who embark on a mission to help their favorite wrestler make a comeback. As ESPN noted, Arquette became a part of WCW’s storylines in the promotion of the film and ended up becoming something of a real wrestler, even winning a world championship.

But this year, Arquette decided to return to the ring, and performed in a number of smaller independent wrestling leagues.

“This time it’s far more intense, far more grueling,” Arquette told ESPN. “I’m 47 now. The body doesn’t react the same way as when you were younger.”

Though some questioned why such an established actor would want to wrestle in front of crowds that numbered in the dozens, Arquette said his passion for wrestling is real.

“It’s not a publicity stunt, that’s for sure. It’s too painful for that,” Arquette said. “It’s something that’s been gnawing at me for years.”

Any notion that David Arquette’s return to the ring might be a publicity stunt is likely gone after Friday’s bloody GCW match.