Ireland Baldwin Turns Up The Heat In Low-Cut Shirt On Instagram

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Ireland Baldwin turned up the heat in her latest Instagram post, where she posed for a selfie in a very low-cut shirt. The clothing had floral patterns throughout, and the way it was cut allowed her to flaunt her curves.

“I did an Instagram thot makeup tutorial last night and I looked like a Bratz doll and I’m liiiiiiiivvvvvingggg for it,” she captioned the photo.

And it’s hard not to see why she said that, as her makeup accentuated her lips, giving her that classic Bratz look. She also wore some dark mascara and bronze-colored eyeshadow. The photo appears to have been taken in the reflection of a mirror, as the flash was photographed by her right ear.

Baldwin also shared another revealing photo yesterday, when she wore a white shirt and a black thong bottom that was halfway visible.

“When you’re never going to be cute and petite in a men’s shirt because your a** is 6’2 and you ain’t got the time for adjectives such as ‘cute’ and ‘petite,’” she joked in the caption. That comment got many fans talking about how they’re glad that she’s tall, while others said to not forget that people often want what they don’t have.

The model seems to be doing better than during the initial reports of the Woolsey fire, when she shared tons of Instagram stories about her experience trying to get back to her home and being denied entry by a police officer. Ireland also went on a long rant about Donald Trump and how he’ll never be her president, which was in response to his comment that the fires were California’s fault.

Today, her stories include her saying that “couple next to me are on a date,” as well as showing clips from a Corey Harper show. Baldwin is notably dating him, and looked to be enjoying herself at his show. The model also shared a silly photo of herself wearing a face mask and drinking a sparkling water, and joked that her boyfriend is her “Spice Girl.” The basis of that was that she held up a container of coriander in front of Corey’s face, as he can be seen smiling in the background.

Meanwhile, there’s a ton of talk about her cousin, Hailey, in the news lately. Of course, she’s now officially wed to Justin Bieber, which explains a lot of the hype. Notably, Hailey wore a varsity jacket recently with “Bieber” on the back, and fans got excited about her new name, detailed E! News.