Sommer Ray Shares A ‘Booty Pic’ For The First Time In A While On Instagram

Rich Polk / StringerGetty Images

Sommer Ray posted a photo of herself rocking a pink swimsuit on Instagram, and joked that it was “since I haven’t hit y’alls feed with a booty pic lately.” The model posed with her back to the camera, as she touched a palm tree with her hands. She wore bracelets and tons of rings, as she looked back and gave a hint of a smile. Sommer wore some pink eye makeup to match her outfit. Fans totally loved it, with people calling it “Dope,” “Booty goals always,” and noting that “Bright pink is your color.” Of course, the model is known for her famous curves, and it hasn’t been terribly long since her last photo that showcased her derriere. The last instance was from November 3, when she wore a crop top and white thong bikini while touching a lemon from a tree.

Ray’s also been busy lately promoting her line of activewear clothing that she recently launched. She’s been doing so through posts and stories, and has so far featured a yellow-cameo sports bra and leggings, and a crop shirt that says, “Sunshine on my mind.” The shirt had red accents, along with some yellow and blue. It looks like the promotion is going well, with many of her dedicated fans looking forward to buying pieces from her collection.

And while some models have used plastic surgery to help enhance their features, Sommer says that it hasn’t been something she’s dabbled in, detailed Forbes.

“I worked hard for my body. I’ve sculpted it. I’m not going to just keep it in the garage. If you have a Ferrari you’re going to drive it.”

Additionally, just like any other public figure, Ray has to deal with her share of negative comments and criticism.

“People always comment that I have ‘daddy issues’ but my dad was my trainer when I was onstage in front of thousands of people in a bikini. Actually my mom and dad are my biggest supporters.”

The model was actually a bodybuilder in her teens, and she was inspired to enter that world through her parents. They are both bodybuilders themselves. But instead of staying in that industry, Sommer branched out and discovered that she could apply her bodybuilding to a modeling career. And she’s obviously doing something right, having amassed over 19.3 million followers. Instead of signing on to an agency, Sommer has kept things up herself, and the launch of her clothing line shows that she’s just getting started.