Kristina Romanova Dons Bikini & Strikes A Sexy Pose On Instagram

Kristina wears a yellow bikini.
Andrew Toth / Stringer / Getty Images

Model Kristina Romanova posed for Candice Swanepoel’s swimsuit line, Tropic C, and the results are amazing. She wore a small black bikini in the latest photos posted to Instagram, which include a high-cut bottom with a simple top. In addition to the swimsuit, Kristina also wore a white summer hat. The backdrop is incredible also, with amazing rock formations. The photoshoot may have taken place in Canyon Point, Utah. Candice shared Instagram posts from when she stayed in Amangiri, which is a luxury resort that spans over 600 acres.

One of the photos shows Romanova standing inside the rock formations barefoot, as she stood with her back to the camera and looked over her left shoulder. The second shows the model with her hands on her head, as she posed in such a way to accentuate her curves. The model also wore several other swimsuits, including a bright yellow ensemble that she accessorized with yellow and white bracelets.

The model also shared an Instagram story that showed her posing against a flat wall in a metallic one-piece, with a high cut. She put her hands on the walls, as she propped her left leg and threw her head back. The picture was also taken from close to the ground, which made her legs look extra long.

In other news, Kristina founded the Humans of Fashion Foundation, which is all about helping women in the fashion industry who may have experienced sexual assault. The foundation aims to help not just models, but also makeup artists, photographer assistants, and more, according to ABC7NY. One of the biggest achievements of the foundation is releasing an app called “Time’s Up,” which gives people the opportunity to receive advice and important information.

The model was originally from Russia, and then ended up working in the modeling industry in the United States when she was 16-years-old. She’s worked for many luxury brands throughout the world, including Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, and Vera Wang. Kristina remembers having incidents with men on set who were touchy with her, and that inspired her to work with fashion attorney Antoniette Costa to create the foundation. The model elaborated, described Harper’s Bazaar.

“My goal is to prevent these situations from happening – if people in power know that something like this exists, they’ll think twice about behaving inappropriately. I’m not saying that they’ll be scared, but they’ll think twice. I also want to encourage people to talk about their experiences and for us to be able to offer a personal approach. Everyone is different – one model might want to take someone to court, while another might just want some advice or counselling.”