Donald Trump On Antonin Scalia Fathering Nine Children: ‘Wow, I Always Knew I Liked Him’

Scalia's widow received the award in honor of her late husband.

Donald Trump strikes a pose at the podium.
Alex Wong / Getty Images

Scalia's widow received the award in honor of her late husband.

Donald Trump had some praise for Antonin Scalia’s prolific skills in terms of having fathered many children, and the off-the-cuff comment is getting viral attention.

On Friday, Trump presented the Medal of Freedom award to the late Supreme Court justice and spoke to his widow, Maureen. As NBC News noted, Trump appeared to be fixated on just how many children had been born to the pair — nine in total.

“You were very busy,” Trump said. “Wow. Wow.”

“I always knew I liked him,” Trump added, drawing some laughs from those in attendance.

Scalia was known for his conservative influence on the Supreme Court, and for the unusual battle to replace him after his death. Republicans blocked Barack Obama’s attempt to nominate Merrick Garland, saying that they would not hold hearings on a new nominee during an election year. After Donald Trump won the 2016 election, he nominated the more right-leaning Neil Gorsuch to the bench. Gorsuch would go on to be confirmed by the Senate.

Friday’s event had already generated interest, largely for the unusual slate of people receiving the Medal of Honor. There was the usual mix of cultural icons receiving the award — including two NFL Hall of Famers and posthumous awards to Elvis Presley and Babe Ruth — but the one that drew the most attention was for Miriam Adelson, wife of GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson. Many believed that Adelson lacked the stature of the others in receiving the honor, and that her selection was meant to repay someone who had given millions of dollars to help elect Republicans.

Robert Schlesinger wrote in an op-ed for NBC News that this would not have been what John F. Kennedy envisioned when he established the award to honor civilian contributions to American life. Schlesinger would go on to highlight that he believes that Trump sees his presidency as “transactional.”

“Freedom may be priceless, but the Presidential Medal of Freedom may have a price tag: $133 million. That’s how much Miriam and Sheldon Adelson, the Republican megadonors, ponied up to President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign ($20 million) and to Republican and conservative groups and candidates in the 2018 election cycle ($113 million).”

But it was Trump’s remarks about Antonin Scalia which drew particular viral interest, with video of his praise quickly spreading online. As many noted, Trump seemed to be praising the late Scalia for having sex with his wife.

The remarks seemed to be in good humor, and Donald Trump added that he had become good friends with Scalia’s widow — successfully naming all nine of their children.