Jen Selter Flaunts Her Derriere In Daring Social Media Posts

David BeckerGetty Images for iHeartMedia

Fitness model Jen Selter has millions of Instagram followers who look to her for inspiration and insight into improving themselves. A couple of social media posts she has recently shared have definitely hit the mark. Selter has made her mark on social media — in large part due to her buzzworthy derriere — and as it happens, her latest viral posts are focused, once again, on her booty.

In her latest Instagram post, Jen Selter encouraged her followers not to look back. It’s a great message that resonated with her followers, but it’s the photo that generated a lot of feedback. Jen is standing with her back to the camera, looking out at the skyline — and she’s wearing a gorgeous gauzy dress with a sheer finish.

Selter’s dress looks to be either a white or silver color, but it is see-through — and all of the notorious curves of her derriere are impossible to miss. The dress is also sleeveless and backless, so Jen’s muscular arms and back make for a completely athletic visual of the fitness model.

Since hitting the social media scene in 2012, Selter has built up a following comprised of a stunning 12.5 million people on Instagram — and that’s just on her main account. Every photo that she shares gets tons of likes, with even this newest one having accrued nearly 300,000 likes in less than a day.

Some of Jen’s posts skyrocket much higher than that — like a recent workout video the model posted to Instagram. At the end of October, Selter wrote about trying to find some Monday motivation, sharing a video clip showing her working out and enhancing her already buzz-worthy behind. That post snagged nearly 800,000 likes.

While Selter shares most of her juicy content to Instagram, some stunning photos seem to appear only on her Twitter page. Earlier this week, Jen tweeted out a sexy bikini selfie, and it was another popular one with her followers.

This bikini selfie once again showed off all of Selter’s insane curves — and the thong bikini she posed with made the most of Jen’s fit physique. The fitness expert shares plenty of workout-related tips and videos, and her followers know that she works hard for the figure that she’s achieved.

Jen Selter’s success has come not only due to her gorgeous figure and attendant hard work, but via her determination to connect with her followers. She also shares inspirational insight, not restricting her content to simple glamour shots. She’s built an impressive brand across social media, and her fans see plenty of great stuff on the horizon for her.