Heartbreak For Paula Deen As Triplet Grandbabies Born Premature, Per ‘Radar Online’

Slaven VlasicGetty Images

Former Food Network superstar Paula Deen is allegedly dealing with a heartbreaking situation as her triplet grandbabies were born prematurely — three months ahead of their due date.

Deen was reportedly “over the moon” to learn that son Bobby Deen and his wife Claudia Lovera, whom he married in July 2017, were having triplets.

Already a grandmother to son Jamie Deen’s two children and stepdaughter Michelle’s one child, Deen was thrilled to learn that more children would be added to her growing family.

Lovera reportedly delivered the babies on October 16th, three and a half months early, according to Radar Online.

Bobby Dean, who has his own Cooking Channel series, Not My Mama’s Meals, was thrilled to learn that he and Lovera were pregnant with triplets.

“Paula was thrilled because she already has two grandsons by her son Jaime and a step-grandson from stepdaughter Michelle. And she couldn’t wait to add three more grandkids to the mix,” said a friend close to Paula Deen.

“But on October 16th she received a panicked call from Bobby to say his wife had been taken to a Savannah, Georgia, Hospital after going into labor and she rushed to be by their side,” alleged the source.

The same source claims that Deen knew that with multiple births, the chances of the children arriving early are very real.

A typical single pregnancy generally lasts about 40 weeks, but a twin pregnancy often lasts between 35 to 37 weeks. More than half of all twins are born prematurely — before 37 weeks — and the risk of premature delivery increases with higher-order multiples, per Kids Health.

The source said that Deen “knew the chances of the children surviving so early was dicey, and she prayed that Claudia and the little ones would be alright. To her relief, the babies survived birth and although they are still not out of the woods, they seem to be doing quite well.”

The names of the littlest bundles of joy that joined the growing Deen family are Amelia Ann, who weighed in at 2 pounds; Olivia Marie, who weighed in at just 1 pound, 12 ounces; and Linton, who also weighed a mere 1 pound, 12 ounces.

“The babies are being cared for by a team of specialists and are still in an incubator,” a source close to the family told Radar Online.

“And doctors say they will probably have to remain in the hospital until January, their original birthdate,” the source continued.

“We’ve got complete faith that God has his arms wrapped around the babies and I can’t wait until they come home,” Paula posted on her Facebook page on October 27.

The 71-year-old former Food Network star was dropped by the network in 2013 — after a former employee accused her of using racial epithets decades ago.

She continues to remain busy with her magazine and her new show, Positively Paula, which airs on Youtoo America. Youtoo America is available nationwide across the U.S. Deen’s show is also available via YTAClub.com, where it can be streamed live or viewed on-demand.