Lais Ribeiro Shows Off Sculpted Bikini Body On Instagram

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Victoria’s Secret model Lais Ribeiro is on a Hawaiian vacation, and she’s keeping her fans updated through her social media. The model shared that she was in the tropical paradise two days ago with a selfie, simply captioned “Aloha.” Since then, Lais has shared several photos on Instagram, one which was a bikini selfie that she took of her reflection. In that photo, she showed off her sculpted bikini body in a bright pink ensemble. Her phone case even matched, as she sported some hoop earrings.

Ribeiro also shared a cute photo of herself posing in the middle of the road with her son. In that photo, Lais stood with her legs apart and showed off her arm muscles by flexing. Her son, on the other hand, looked like he was ready to start sprinting. A second photo in the series showed them in front of a waterfall, while a lens flare captured a rainbow. The model wore a black bikini, and captioned it, “Chasing water falls [sic].”

After stomping the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018, it looks like Lais is enjoying some downtime. Although the show won’t air until December 2, the taping has already been completed. One of her outfits for the show featured an incredible feathered wing in bright colors, which was paired with a plaid outfit.

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Lais opened up to Elle UK about the VS show this year, and she confirmed that the workout routines leading up to the event are as intense as everyone thinks. Not only that, the model had sustained a foot injury, something not many people realized.

“Yes, it’s always intense. I broke a bone in my foot recently and I was worried that I’d have to sit this year out. So my goal this year my goal was to [actually] walk in the show but all good – it’s healed. I am taking it easier, though. I started doing Pilates and realised that it’s much better for my body. I am not tired all the time, so Pilates is definitely key for me.”

And when it comes to the big moment when she’s walking the catwalk, it sounds like it takes tons of concentration to pull it off perfectly.

“So many things! Sometimes the big wings make me feel like I’m bouncing while walking. And then I’m thinking, ‘How are my facial expressions, how am I walking?’ There are a lot of things going on at once, so I just try to focus.”

But now that the taping is done, it looks like it’s time for Lais to focus on something else: some relaxation and family time.

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Chasing water falls ????????????????

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