Chris Randone Arrives In San Diego To Live With Krystal Nielson After Opening Up About Anxiety

Chris Randone appears in a suit alongside his girlfriend, Krystal.
Paul Hebert / Getty Images

Bachelor in Paradise stars Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson have quickly become a fan favorite couple since the end of the show. Both of their Instagram pages have been absolutely filled with cute couples photos for months, and they have promised that a wedding is “100 percent” going to happen. And while the two haven’t tied the knot yet, they’ve taken a big step in their relationship — and are moving in together. The only problem was that Chris was living in Orlando, Florida, before he met Krystal on BIP. The two chose to continue their relationship together in San Diego, where Nielson was living. So that meant that Chris had to pack up his bags and make a big move across the country.

And while the two are clearly in love with each other, it doesn’t mean that the transition is going to be easy. Randone opened up to his fans about his anxiety issues that he’s had for a long time in a recent Instagram post, where he discussed “one of the most stressful weeks” of his life.

“Many life changes are happening at all once and it’s hit me with a snowball avalanche of anxiety. I’ve had anxiety ever since I lost weight at age of 16. Over the years I’ve been able to understand how to manage and control it (naturally) but today it’s gotten the best of me. As I write this, I can’t breathe, fight or flight is pouring into my veins, and irrational thoughts flood my mind. I can continue to feed in but instead I choose to tackle it head on.”

Randone wanted to remind his fans that his life isn’t as perfect as it might seem on social media, and the candid post seemed to have uplifted many fans who also experience similar anxiety issues.

But it looks like Chris was able to get a handle on his anxiety. He was photographed looking happy at the airport, later meeting with Krystal after he touched down in San Diego. Plus, in investigating Nielson’s Instagram Stories, it looks like the two have already moved into their new home together.

Another BIP couple, Joe Amabile and Kendall Long, seem to also be going through some changes. Joe just announced that he’s leaving for Chicago in a few days, which coincides with his elimination from Dancing With the Stars. His post wasn’t clear about whether he’s going to the Windy City for good, or whether it’s just for the holidays. Either way, fans have been speculating on the future of their relationship, as the Inquisitr details.