‘CNN’s’ Jim Acosta Isn’t Just Hard On Donald Trump, President Obama & Raul Castro Don’t Love Him Either

Jim Acosta has made many foes while doing his job.

CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta (C) participates in a stand up shot.
Alex Wong / Getty Images

Jim Acosta has made many foes while doing his job.

CNN’s Jim Acosta isn’t just hard on Donald Trump. The controversial CNN personality has garnered a reputation for his lines of questioning, and apparently, President Trump is not the only world leader he has crossed words with.

Raul Castro, the Cuban leader, is also not a fan of Acosta or his questions, says the Miami Herald. When Acosta asked Castro about political prisoners held in his country, it wasn’t well received.

“Why does your country have Cuban political prisoners?” Acosta — whose Cuban father fled the island country in 1962, just before the Cuban Missile Crisis — asked in Spanish. “And why don’t you release them?”

Acosta rankled Castro at a joint press conference with Barack Obama, attracting a great deal of scrutiny in the process. While President Obama might have cringed outwardly, Acosta suffered no professional fall-out for doing his job as he saw fit.

But when Acosta asked Trump about all of his talk about immigrants invading The U.S.-Mexico border in a caravan, the CNN White House correspondent was stripped of his credentials following an incident wherein press secretary Sarah Sanders had an intern interject, attempting to take back the press microphone which Acosta was gripping.

Trump then scolded Acosta publicly.

“You are a rude, terrible person. You shouldn’t be working for CNN.”

But even when considering his coverage of past American presidents, Barack Obama wasn’t treated with deference by Acosta, who was known to give him tough questions on occasion. As Acosta covered the Iraq war, he asked Obama why he was underestimating ISIS. It’s safe to say that this was a loaded question, and while the president didn’t seem thrilled, he answered the question. Acosta left the building with his credentials intact.

But now that Judge Timothy J. Kelly has paved the way for Acosta to get his White House credentials back, how will it possibly work to have the CNN journalist back in the press room run by Sarah Sanders? The Washington Post says that the judge agreed that there was no good or fair reason to strip Acosta’s hard pass.

It’s unlikely that Acosta will receive a warm welcome back to the White House press pool. He still might have to fight to get his questions answered, considering Sarah Sanders’ recent statement about the matter. The Trump administration has not changed their mind about Acosta, or their opinion of his behavior.

“President Trump will NOT put up with the media’s liberal bias and utter disrespect for this Administration and the hardworking Americans who stand with us.”