Lou Dobbs Says Without Evidence That ‘Many’ Illegal Aliens Voted In Midterm Elections

Lou Dobbs
Alex Wong / Getty Images

On Thursday night, Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs repeated his opinion that “many” illegal aliens voted in the recent elections as if it is a fact.

According to a Washington Post report, during Lou Dobbs Tonight, the host spoke with David N. Bossie, a former deputy Trump campaign manager. During that segment, Dobbs said the following.

“You know, millions of illegal immigrants cross our borders, and many of them [were] voting in the past election that’s what, just a couple weeks ago, and having an immense impact.”

Later in the program, Dobbs asked, “Are we just sitting here, helpless against anyone who wants to cross that border, and to have their way with the American way?”

Dobbs used a study from Yale and MIT that came out in September that said there are 30 million illegal immigrants in the United States. However, that study had no details about voting, which means that the host seemingly made up that claim with no evidence to back it up. So far no evidence shows illegal immigrants affect the outcome of U.S. elections.

In 2017, the Brennen Center for Justice found that Dobbs’ claims are not accurate after it analyzed years of data and concluded that incidences of non-citizens voting in U.S. elections are “vanishingly rare.” Other investigations by the New York Times and the Washington Post also found little to no instances of people who were not U.S. citizens voting in elections after the 2016 election.

Additionally, since the November midterms, no evidence supports Dobbs’ sweeping claim of illegal voting.

Prior to his tenure at Fox, Dobbs worked at CNN. During his time at CNN, the host allegedly made several misleading and baseless claims about illegal immigration in the United States. This included a statement in 2005 where Dobbs said that an “invasion of illegal aliens is threatening the health of many Americans.” To “prove” his point, in that case, he erroneously reported that in three years, the U.S. had 7,000 cases of leprosy. However, the truth was that in the past four decades, there had only been 900 total cases. Even when confronted with the facts, the host stood by his erroneous reporting.

In October, Fox had to pull an episode of his show over a guest’s false claims, which Dobbs did not question.

Reports also indicate that President Trump is a friend of the host and that the president often invites Dobbs to the White House to weigh in on policy matters. Reportedly, Dobbs has a history of making up “facts” to suit his agenda.

Forbes reported that Dobbs is the “the most-watched host in business television.” The Fox Business Network host not only has hundreds of thousands of viewers who tune in to watch him, but he also has 1.85 million Twitter followers, which gives the things he says a broad audience.