‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Continues To Manipulate Ava, Juggles To Keep His Identity Hidden

Valerie DurantABC Press

Ryan Chamberlain has had his hands full lately on ABC’s General Hospital, but he continues to keep up his charade of living his brother’s life. However, it has become increasingly more difficult to juggle Kevin’s life while not becoming suspicious in the process. He may not have realized just how determined a few residents of Port Charles can be.

Keeping his true identity a secret has been a breeze for Ryan so far, especially now that he has found a way to get Laura out of life for now. But then there is Carly. She is a force that he would rather not be reckoned with and did not expect. As seen on Thursday’s General Hospital, Carly confronted Ryan about her former neighbor at Ferncliff. Soap Central indicates that she questioned him at the PCPD as to why the person that was in the room next to hers was replaced by Nelle Benson.

Ryan was trying to keep his composure, but you could tell that he was getting a bit irritated with Carly in his face. He had previously run into Franco at GH as well. Ryan was not happy that Franco is snooping into the murder of Mary Pat. It wasn’t completely his fault as Jordan and Chase had paid him a visit to see if he had any input into the mind of a murderer in which Franco is well acquainted with.

Franco told Kevin at General Hospital that he was thinking about diving more into his dark past in order to help the police find the killer before he strikes again. Ryan strongly suggested that it would be a terrible idea to do that as it may reopen things that should be kept locked away. In reality, he is really worried that it would all lead back to him.

Ryan told Jordan later that she needs to leave Franco alone. He also offered his expertise into the mind of a killer thanks to all of the research he did on his brother. Little does Jordan know that she was sitting across from the killer. She also told him that she will be keeping him informed on the investigation as well.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday tease that Ryan will seek out Ava at the MetroCourt bar and he will tell her that he has a “cure” for her. He is manipulating Ava Jerome and she has no idea. He is delving into her dark side and it may end up badly. Ryan has become entranced by the former mobster and is encouraging her to seek out her thoughts of revenge against Griffin and Kiki. His “cure” may have something to do with that.

Ryan has got a juggling act going on with trying to keep Carly, Franco, and Jordan at bay, while also trying to pull Ava Jerome into his own plan for revenge, and hers too. General Hospital is in the middle of November sweeps, so keep watching to see if Ryan’s plan actually works or backfires.