November 16, 2018
Horror Aficionado Joe Bob Briggs Says People Are Tired Of Politics And Are Ready For Horror Marathons

Since the turn of the millenium, horror movie marathons hosted by Joe Bob Briggs have been largely considered a thing of the past. However, since the AMC-owned horror movie streaming platform Shudder opened their doors to the self-proclaimed "first drive-in movie critic," such marathons have becoming a thing of much anticipation.

In July of 2018, Shudder brought horror fans the return of Joe Bob Briggs with The Last Drive-In, a 24-hour horror movie marathon hosted by Briggs that brought viewers such horror gems as Sleepaway Camp, Tourist Trap, Hellraiser, Pieces, Sorority Babes in the Slime-Ball Bowl O'Rama, Demons, The Prowler, and more.

Briggs is now set to return to Shudder this thanksgiving with another horror movie marathon, this time only showing four movies back-to-back. The special is being dubbed Dinners of Death and will feature Joe Bob Briggs adding his signature brand of commentary before and after the feature films.

According to ComicBook, the horror movie legend is giving his two cents on why such horror marathons are bringing in viewers, when before the Joe Bob marathon was considered all but extinct. Part of the reason, he said, is people's political fatigue and a need to escape politically dominated headlines.

"In the political environment of today, people are just checking out of politics, they're just saying, 'I don't do politics. I don't wanna hear about it, I don't wanna watch the news. I'm gonna do other things.' One of the things they do is [say], 'I'm gonna watch every horror film ever made, and I'm gonna get into horror.' I go and do presentations of movies all the time, at Alamo Drafthouse, or some other theater that's like that. I do these presentations of movies, where almost 100 percent of the audience has already seen the movie. So why are they there? They're there because they want to have the emotional experience of seeing the movie together."
Joe Bob Briggs isn't stopping with Dinners of Death on Thanksgiving, he's also bringing his brand of horror movie marathons to Shudder once again in 2018 with the Christmas marathon, A Very Joe Bob Christmas.

As of yet, none of the titles for the upcoming Joe Bob Briggs marathons have been announced, but Joe Bob did let slip in a trailer for Dinners of Death that this particular marathon would be showing his all time favorite movie. While he didn't specify the details of what movie that may be, many are speculating that it's the 1974 Tobe Hooper classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, starring Gunner Hansen.