Bette Midler Calls Melania Trump ‘Flotits’ And Twitter Claps Back

Bette Midler Melania Trump
Desiree Navarro/Alex Wong / Getty Images

Bette Midler doesn’t hold back on Twitter, and she regularly blasts President Donald Trump. However, the singer recently turned her tweets toward first lady Melania Trump, and social media users weren’t having it.

According to a Yahoo report, on Wednesday, Midler tweeted an image of the first lady wearing very few clothes from Trump’s British GQ photo shoot. In the picture, Trump is in the cockpit of an airplane belonging to her husband, and she’s wearing flight glasses and a see-through metal chain shirt.

The caption that the actress penned to go along with the photos talked about Air Force One’s upholstery cleaning bill. However, it was Midler’s choice of a hashtag that seemed to set off Twitter users — “FLOTITS.” The hashtag is a play on the popular acronym “FLOTUS,” which stands for first lady of the United States.

According to a Fox News report, last month, Midler said that women are “most disrespected creatures on earth.” She also brought on some controversy when she said that women are the “n-word” of the world. Ultimately, Midler claimed she tweeted the thoughts due to her outrage over the brief investigation into Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s misconduct allegations.

One Twitter user tweeted a scathing response about how some women treat other women with something of a double standard if they have different political beliefs.

“They all talk about women rights and power and being strong but then want to bring down women that are not brainwashed like them.”

“We should be able to expect more from the First ‘Lady’ of United States. I wish we had a First Lady that our daughters could look up to and could use as a role model. #FLOTUSnotrolemodel,” another user responded.

Another pointed out Midler’s double standard of attacking Trump over her past choices.

“I love you and loathe that whole family but no. Just no. Pick apart her dangerous actions, not her body/use thereof. Women deserve better than this.”

However, another Twitter user took a moment to call out a different type of double standard. They showed a picture of former first lady Michelle Obama in a sleeveless dress and remembered the outrage among conservatives with Obama showed off her shoulders.

Some fans also pointed out that Midler herself also posed provocatively in the past, which made her comment about the first lady appear somewhat hypocritical even though Midler is not the wife of the president.

Many users felt that Midler should disagree with politics, but that making mean spirited jabs at a woman’s choice to model made her a hypocrite after she’s been such an advocate for women throughout her career.