'A Christmas Prince' Sequel Trailer Shows Rose McIver Planning A Wedding

The holiday season has a sequel in store for fans of the Netflix original, A Christmas Prince. Originally released in 2017, the Christmas movie stars Rose McIver as a reporter who has gone undercover as a tutor to get the scoop on a playboy prince. In the true spirit of holiday warmth and romance, McIver's character gets tangled up in royal love. UPI reports that the romantic comedy sequel, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, is set to arrive on Netflix in just 15 days.

Netflix released a clip of the movie on Thursday. The sequel will of course star McIver once again as the journalist Amber, alongside co-star Ben Lambas as Prince Richard of Aldonia, as they attempt to plan the wedding on year later.

In the sequel, Amber will find herself overwhelmed while dealing with an overzealous wedding planner. She will realize that she has new responsibilities coming up for her, serving as queen of a small country. In the clip, Amber remarks about her pre-wedding jitters. The end of the trailer shows Amber and Richard enjoying a ballroom dance together.

"I just always thought that my wedding would be being with the person I love. I didn't realize it meant giving up who I am."
Rose McIver is an actress from New Zealand. Fans of the actress will also recognize her from the television series, iZombie, in which she plays Olivia Moore. She also played the role of Tinker Bell in another hit television series that roped in many Disney fans, Once Upon a Time. Her co-star in the upcoming Christmas movie, Ben Lamb, is an English actor who many know as Edward from Divergent and as Tim Dempsey in comedy series, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, alongside comedian David Cross.

Rotten Tomatoes gave A Christmas Prince a 75 percent score on the Tomatometer, but it seemed that audiences were split 50-50.

Other cast from the original A Christmas Prince include: Alice Krige as Queen Helena, Honor Kneafsey as Princess Emily, Theo Devaney as Simon, Emma Louise Saunders as Lady Sophia, Sarah Douglas as Mrs. Averill, and Tom Knight as Prime Minister Denzil.

The original director, Alex Zamm, will not be returning. To replace him, Netflix has brought in John Schultz. Schultz is known for directing films such as Adventures in Babysitting, Like Mike, Bandwagon, Drive Me Crazy, Aliens in the Attic, and the video documentary, The Making of 'Jurassic Park.'

Unlike the original, the sequel will not see a limited theatrical release.