Permits Reveal Plans For 'Star Wars' Hotel At Walt Disney World - Number Of Rooms, Layout, Shuttle Service

Walt Disney World has numerous projects going on right now and there are some opening dates known for many things, but not the Star Wars resort hotel. One of the most anticipated projects imaginable has not had a lot of info revealed about it, but permits recently filed have given some details that were not known before. Now, we have a better idea on the shuttle service system, the layout of the hotel, and the number of rooms that it will have.

It is true that Disney usually likes to make big reveals on their own time, but the internet is what brings forth things long before they're officially announced. Such is the case with the Star Wars hotel which is being built near Disney's Hollywood Studios where Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is opening in late fall of 2019.

The site called California Coaster Kings noticed a recently filed permit with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection that revealed a lot of new information.

The Star Wars hotel was first announced at the D23 Expo in the summer of 2017, and all that has been revealed is that it will be an immersive experience. Some artist's concepts have been released which show a few things and exact details have been scarce, but that has since changed.

The permits show some very interesting things that no one really knew before, and one of those is the number of rooms. As by the look of the layout and blueprints, it appears as if the Star Wars hotel is going to have 100 or fewer rooms throughout the entire location, but they will be referred to as "cabins."

You have to remember that the whole idea is that you're no longer on Earth, but you're on a spaceship of some kind.

The immersive experience will have guests in a different galaxy with characters from Star Wars movies all around the place. Guests will also be encouraged to dress the part and act as if they are involved in every single thing happening on the ship (in the hotel).

According to the permits, the first floor looks to have 32 regular/standard cabin and two first-class cabins. While the plans don't exactly state much about the second floor, it appears as if it will have more than the first floor with a possible total room count of maybe as few as 68.

The permits show details of the restaurant and even the front of the hotel which will have an entryway similar to other resorts at Walt Disney World. Upon entering the hotel, guests and their luggage will go through a screening area to "board the ship."

As seen in previously released concept art, guests will go up and down in elevators that take them away from the outside world.

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It is hard to figure out just what new thing is more exciting at Walt Disney World, but the Star Wars hotel is obviously one of the biggest. An exact opening date is not yet known and there isn't even a year when it is supposed to open, but the thrill is already there. These recently filed permits have revealed a lot of details that Disney hasn't yet confirmed, but if true, you can be sure that it will not be easy to find availability once it opens.