Dwyane Wade Reveals Daughter’s Name By Tattooing It On His Body

Mark BrownGetty Images

Followers of the Union-Wade family finally know the name of Gabrielle and Dwyane’s newborn baby. Thanks to Dwyane Wade, the secret got out exactly one week after the birth of their little bundle of joy. The revelation proved to be a ceremonious one too, with Wade presenting “Kaavia” and “James” to the world via a photo of his latest tattoo on Instagram.

E! News alerted readers about the TBT snap shortly after he posted it on Thursday, November 15. Apparently, the celebrity power couple has been eager to place a face with the name for some time, as Wade would indicate that he actually got the ink done during a recent trip to China. Fans will recall Wade being in talks with the Zhejiang Golden Bulls about a possible three-year $25 million deal that would have sent him to play in the Chinese Basketball Association over the summer. Such a transition would have made sense, seeing how his Chinese sneaker brand has been thriving, but ultimately he made the decision to recommit to Miami, and the choice was likely driven by a wanting to be around Kaavia in her earliest years.

The image, which was taken from a birds-eye-view, shows that Wade got his baby girl’s first and middle names divided and respectively placed on each shoulder. To his right, an ashed out cigar rests alongside her name printed in cursive text. Wade capped off the post’s caption with “#Parternityleave.”

The hashtag says everything there is to know about whether or not he made the right decision by remaining in the NBA, as the Sun Sentinel quotes Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra stating that under his watch Wade will be allotted “As much time as he needs” to spend with Gabrielle and their first child together. Thus, Wade fans will just have to wait until his likely return to the court sometime next week to get their fill of the Heat veteran. Until then, there is a good chance the public will get to see more of Kaavia, as Wade and Union have been pretty proactive in acquainting their separate followings with the child.

Most recently, Union expressed the bliss that has come with getting to dwell in the scent of her first child. “Heaven” is how she described the smell. Over the weekend Wade shared a pic in which he appeared to be loosening up from the grip he’s had in flocks of him holding Kaavia close to his chest. She can be seen resting in his lap in the photo, as he rests his head back to take in some Sunday afternoon football.

“We’re already working together well,” the post read in part.