November 15, 2018
'Fantastic Beasts 2' After Credits Scene: Ending Reveals Major Spoiler About Credence And Extended Potterverse

Harry Potter fans who head out to see Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald will be able to save themselves a few minutes at the ending, as there is no after-credits scene. But, they will want to pay close attention for a potentially major spoiler near the end of the film proper.

The latest edition in the Harry Potter universe is released this week, the second installment of stories about the universe before the arrival of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Early reports indicate that there is no after-credits scene in Fantastic Beasts 2, following suit from the first movie. The first film also offered no extra scenes for fans -- either during or after the credits.

The after-credits scene has become a staple of many movie franchises, often used to tease some details for upcoming installations -- or to introduce new characters that fans will see in upcoming sequels. But as the Express reported, there are still some of these major hints in Fantastic Beasts 2, even if they don't come after the credits.

[WARNING: There are some potential Fantastic Beasts 2 spoilers ahead, so those who have not yet finished the movie may want to proceed with caution.]

The report noted that the ending of Fantastic Beasts 2 revealed some very important spoilers about the lineage of Credence, setting him up as a major character -- not just for the coming Fantastic Beasts films, but for the series moving into Harry Potter canon as well.

For those who may not have caught it -- or understood it, as the reveal may cause some continuity challenges -- the New Statesman spelled it out.

"Throughout the Harry Potter series, Dumbledore's personal history was raked over with a fine-tooth comb, and still we only ever heard about two siblings – Aberforth and Ariana. But the implication here, contradicting seven books of information, is that Credence is really Albus Dumbledore's secret younger brother."
The report noted how Credence was met with the arrival of a phoenix, a beast that Albus explained would only present themselves to members of his family. That means that Albus and Credence are brothers -- with close to a 25-year gap between their birth years, and no thorough explanation of how they are related. As the reports noted, that appears to be saved for the coming films.
So while there may not be an after-credits scene in Fantastic Beasts 2, fans will still get to see a major Harry Potter universe spoiler with an additional benefit -- an early jump for the exits as soon as the credits start to roll.