‘General Hospital’ Fans Hoping That Hayden Mention Means She Is Headed Back To Port Charles

Finn receives a letter from Hayden on 'General Hospital.'

Rebecca Budig makes a public appearance in 2014.
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Finn receives a letter from Hayden on 'General Hospital.'

Hayden Barnes has not been seen on General Hospital since the character left Port Charles in 2017. However, there are rumors flying that she may be coming back very soon. Fans were not happy that Rebecca Budig was let go from her role — especially since Hayden and Hamilton Finn were happy, in love, and having a child together. Now there is a possibility that she may return.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps teased that Finn would hear from his former love this week. Sure enough, Curtis showed up with a letter for Finn on Wednesday. He will read it on Thursday’s episode — with Anna, his current love, by his side. She will be trying to be as supportive as she can, under the circumstances.

This scenario has many General Hospital fans convinced that Budig will reprise her role. The very last time that Hayden Barnes was seen in Port Charles was when she was sending a note to Finn, telling him that she had miscarried their baby after she left town. But that wasn’t true at all. Her growing baby bump was seen, so she lied to him for some reason. Social media is going crazy with hopes that she will come back to Port Charles — with their baby in tow.

This would certainly complicate things for Finn and Anna Devane. They are happy right now, but you can tell that Finn still has feelings for Hayden. This whole thing has gotten ‘Fayden’ fans very hopeful for her to return.

One fan wrote, “The moment the #Fayden fans have been waiting for…great cliffhanger. We hope something great comes out of it like Finn & Hayden finally finding their way back to each other & reuniting with their baby. This is your winner pairing…don’t mess this up.”

Is this rumor suggesting a real possibility that Rebecca Budig will slip back into her General Hospital role as Hayden Barnes? According to ABC exec Nathan Varni, it is definitely possible, but it could be a while. Back in March, Soap Central reported that Varni said that, down the road, there could be a surprise for Finn. This could just be the perfect time.

Now that Hayden has contacted Finn, this could be a hint that she is coming back. The big surprise would be his baby boy or girl — a child that he thought was dead. However, this return could drag on for a bit longer in the long-standing tradition of soap opera storytelling. Some fans are not holding their breath that Hayden is returning. How many times has Nikolas Cassadine’s name been mentioned since his supposed death? Every time that this happens, the rumors of his return begin to circulate on social media.

If General Hospital does decide to bring Hayden back to Port Charles, it will make for some complicated emotions for both Finn and Anna. Keep watching to see what Hayden had to say in the letter as Thursday’s episode unfolds.